UFO Corki is an advertising rare skin in the League of Legends that was available to all accounts registered before January 14, 2010 and was available for only 2 weeks from January 1, 2010 to January 14!
Also, along with the skin, the champion himself was also issued as part of the promotion.
As you probably already understood from the name of the skin, the corki transport was stylized as a flying saucer, the developers completely redesigned the champion to get a skin confirming its name.
Ufo Corki does not have new animations, but almost all skins released at that time were famous for such a problem, but the developers tried very hard on the visual design, which makes the skin look incredible.
Corki himself is considered the first champion with two legendary skins, and both of these legendary skins disappeared without a trace from the store counter and there is no way to buy now.
Now, this is a UFO that lacked the official design integrity of a flying UFO and people thought that it would never fly or see the horizon but against all odds, Corki managed to make it a flying success. He didn’t get disappointed with what others had to say about his UFO and continued to work hard finally, the hard work has paid immensely for Corki and his quirky UFO.

How to get Ufo Corki in 2022?

Since this skin is no longer available and its appearance in the game store is impossible, I will try to tell you several ways how to get it:
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Because for the limited time these skins were unable to find in market due to the limited edition. Ufo croki have a very classical and unique look. There are lot of rumors that are surrounding the market because of the shortage of the two legendary skins of corki. There is also UFO for include in this package to give it awesome look. Our products in the market were not available because for a long time this skin was already sold out and also due to the shortage their price also increases. Everyone wants to get the product because the skin was famous in League of Legends which create hype in audience.

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