Urf Kench

Rarity: Regular

Price: 750 Riot Points

Release Date: March 31, 2016

Concept: Tahm Kench on April Fools Day

Model: New models and textures

Particles: No new particles.

Animations: New recall animation!

Sounds: No new sounds.

Is it possible to buy in the game? Yes!

“The day of April 1 is here, and Urf Kench and his team are rolling in, dressed and ready to make you laugh. Urf Kench is ready with a huge battery gun on his back, and to top it all, he also wears a tiara!”
Urf Kench is a basic homage to the renowned manatee, without putting into any detail on model adjustments, much alone any other changes. The new model bears a lot of similarities to the traditional River King design. The most noticeable change is the clothing, which incorporates Urf’s sense of style and adds a nice jacket to hold items that will never be used. They could have gotten the same treatment as the culinary equipment in Master Chef, but they were sent to the back of the line and disregarded. It may suffice as a humorous reference for Urf enthusiasts. Regardless, Urf Kench is a skin with a lack of enthusiasm for presenting its concept.

Now the “Demon of the Depths” has turned into a big frog with a tiara on his head, which he takes off during the recall and curtsies. In addition to the tiara, there is a bib with an image of a lobster, by the way, the passive skill “zhor” also changed its fish icon to the lobster icon.

How to get Urf Kench (Tahm Kench) in 2021?

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