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Urf the Manatee is an incredibly rare skin in League of Legends.
How to get Urf the Manatee in 2022?

This skin was made available to all players back in the day for a dedicated amount of riot tokens. What is more significant about this skin is that all the proceedings that were collected via this skin directly went to charity. It was, in fact, the first-ever skin to have ever been used by Riot for charity, later on, the skin was made available for a very reasonable price too and many players sought this opportunity and claimed it well.

Before making any decision of purchase we want to share the abilities of Urf the Manatee which position it as a different character in League of Legends. Urf the Manatee Warwick has no records in the leagues of legends, but it has some unique abilities in which jaw of beast in which Urf the Manatee bites the target. It causes maximum damage to the enemy. After progression in the championship, it searches for enemy with less than 50 percent using Blood hunt ability which help them to find the enemy. After finding the enemy it uses Primal Howl for its protection from the enemies. Lastly, it uses eternal hunger ability to restore its health and basic attacks on the enemy to defend itself for a time period.
Back in 2010, this skin was released for the April Fools holiday and became one of the first long-awaited skins for Warwick.
The skin turned out to be well developed, it contains a huge number of little things and related legends, which makes it simply incredible! Urf the Manatee was announced by Riot Games before April 1, 2010 as an April Fool’s joke, as a result, the company, of course, did not release such a champion, however, in order not to disappoint those who were already waiting, they released a skin for Warwick based on this idea, to please the player base, this way 10 years ago one of the rarest skins in the history of the greatest MOBA of all time appeared.
Urf the Manatee – The skin is Warwick, which put on the carcass of Urf, the skin model is completely changed, Warwick now looks in a completely new way, as intended. No new animations, particles or models were added, which is typical for skins of that era, but the look itself makes this skin one of the most alluring and unique, not to mention its rarity! Many players just dream of buying it, but it’s not so simple ….
5000 Riot Points – they put a decent price on the skin, which not everyone could pull at that time, because RPs are bought in the game for real money, and this skin with such a cost has become the most expensive in League of Legends history, however, the jokes from Riot on this by no means ended, a week after the release there was a 99% discount and the skin began to cost 50 RP (imagine the disappointment of the hurried, but more on that later), however, a week later Riot again increased the price, now 10 times, and then completely returned initial 5000 RP per skin, such an April Fools’ joke. Appreciated it, as you know, not all …
All the money collected from the sales of this skin was donated to a fund that provides animals in the real world (just those manatees). So, the players who overpay for the skin can not worry, the money went where it should!
Nowadays (10 years after the release) Urf the Manatee has long been unavailable in the game and will never be available again, it has been permanently removed from the official store and there is no news that it will ever go back on sale or is not planned. But do not worry, there is still a way to get this skin – you can buy an account in League of Legends that already has Urf the Manatee! In our store there are just such accounts, we invite you to view.
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