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Victorious Aatrox is a rare skin in League of Legends for achieving Gold level and higher in 2019 ranked matchmaking.

How to get Victorious Aatrox in 2022?

The Aatrox has gotten chroma skin which means that he is only faster, more deadly, and more effective than he was ever before. The thing with the chroma skins is that you had to buy the complete pack of these back in the day just to get to your favorite skin but now you can buy any skin separately for 290 riot points and it goes for this dedicated skin too.

Aatrox is on a par with other legendary Victorious Skins, such as Victorious Jarvan IV, Victorious Janna, Victorious Elise, Victorious Sivir, Victorious Maokai, Victorious Graves, Victorious Oriana. It is issued, like the rest of such skins, only once in history, which makes it incredibly rare and legendary. Victorious Aatrox are worthy of those players who have reached Gold or higher in the 2019 season. Riot provides a special version of this skin for those who was able to achieve this result in two or more ranked lines. Players could take Gold during FLEX or 3v3 Twisted Treeline during the season to get another variation of this skin. Aatrox is presented in gold armor with purple flowers and a huge two-handed sword.His incredible weapon is crafted from the toughest quartz and is capable of piercing any armor. The chapmion himself looks majestic and monumental, as if he personifies greatness. Also, his sword contains a glowing magic stone in the hilt.

First, it has darkened blade which helps it to slam towards the enemy with a series of attacks and create a great effect on the health of the enemy. After that the match becomes tough so it uses internal chain ability in which the areas around the enemy become like the fire and when the enemy wants to leave that area it will be automatically stretched to the center. Additionally, it uses an Umbral dash to set a target and then gain energy to target the area with full force for the maximum and exact damage of the target. Lastly, it uses Death bringer Stance for the heavy damage of the enemy and it is also considered as the basic attack.

The developers also updated particles for Victorious Aatrox with dazzling golden splashes. Beautiful effects have been created for some abilities, and if you look closely, you can see golden laurels framing the boundaries of the action. In turn, upon activation of the recall, Aatrox stands on the pedistal and assumes a noble pose. At this moment, he looks like a true hero!



In the competitive League of Legends, Aatrox was almost everywhere in 2019, the meta of the competitive scene revolved around this character, and many professional teams (LCK, LCS and others) often chose this champion to gain dominance on their line and confidently end the game.

Riot until the end of the season finalized the details to release it perfect, because it will go down in history and players will never again be able to get Victorious Aatrox after this day. The players also got Victorious emotion.

Gold 4 or higher – not everyone can get such a rank, and the season ended on November 19, 2019, so only a very small number of players will receive this skin. If there was no Aatrox on the account yet, Riot gave this champion free of charge as a gift for the skin, he did not have to buy it in the official store.

If you were unable to get Victorious Aatrox, but you want to possess it, there is only one way to do this – we collect the rarest accounts in League of Legends for you and you can buy an account that already has this skin in our store

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