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Victorious Graves is a rare skin in League of Legends that was rewarded to players on November 7, 2017 for the successful completion of season 7.

How to get Victorious Graves in 2021?

The rank of the players was supposed to be Golden or higher. Together with the skin, the riot was given out by the champion himself, if he was not on the account. If, in addition to a single queue, the players had a gold or higher level in FLEX, 3v3 or another video, they had an additional view of the Victorious skin for their Graves, so this is the meaning of the game and a different fashion. Just think about how rare this skin is and how every day its rarity only grows, given that it will never be available again!

He is considered one of the most dedicated outlaws in all of the league of legends. His armor is outclassing that can even stop some of the most vicious attacks that are bound for him. He has been involved in a lot of illegal activities and heists across the span of his career and that is why he is not new to violence and getting his way with things. The gun that he carries is a double barrel with robust firing capacity thus blowing his enemies into a retro abyss.

However, not all so simple. There were no players, or there was a temporary ban, as a fine for misconduct. Thus, Riot Games tries to get rid of matchmaking from toxicity, and it works out pretty well for them, compared to Steam and Dota2.

Vic Graves were never available for exchange / sale, as well as in the official Riot store in the League of Legends client, which makes this skin truly rare and legendary, because you could get it only 1 day in history. However, we have only one way – to get an account that already has this skin. Pay attention to our store, we collect the rarest and most sophisticated accounts for you!

The question arises in your mind is it worth buying a Victorious Graves skin? So, the answer is yes, because it has four strong abilities out of which first in quickdraw in which it can fire by changing its position to deceive the enemy. Victorious Graves has the ability of smoke to make the surrounding of the target area smoky and blur to weaken the target`s strength. The power named as the end of the line creates a blast towards the enemy that reflects the gun of the victorious grave. In the end, Victorious Graves uses its strength of Destiny in which he has a gun that can fire 4 bullets at a time which has a wide range and damage the enemy heavily.

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