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Victorious Maokai is a rare skin in League of Legends, award for achievements in ranked matchmaking 2016.

How to get Victorious Maokai?

Vic Maokai was added to the accounts of players who earned a Gold rank or higher based on the results of season 6. There was no skin code for this skin and it was never sold in the Riot Store. It happened at the very end of the season – 11/11/2016, like every year, Riot handed Victorious skins worthy.

Maokai is a model in Victorious armor with precious stones and gold, which is typical of all skins in this category, since Riot decided to combine them stylistically and in meaning. Also along with Maokai there are Victorious Jarvan IV, Victorious Janna, Victorious Elise, Victorious Morgana, Victorious SIvir, Victorious Graves, Victorious Oriana and Victorious skin 2019

Maokai himself received a completely new visual appearance, the standard image is complemented by armor with gold and precious stones, as well as a gold bracelet on his hand, which he attacks during the battle.

Particles have been changed in accordance with Victorious themes, there is also a new animation that perfectly complements the image of Maokai.

What is characteristic of Victorious skins, this skin does not have new sound effects, all of them are borrowed from the original Maokai.

The rarity of this skin is that it was never and will not be available in the official Riot Games store, it was never possible to sell or donate this skin, as it was immediately added to decent accounts based on the results of ranking season 6 in 2016.

However, if you really want to touch on the incredible history of League of Legends, there is only one way to get this great skin – buy an account that back in 2016 had a Gold rank or higher and which ultimately received Victorious Maokai as a reward for this honorable achievement, because not everyone can compete at such a level, it requires skill and perseverance, and sometimes good luck! Pay attention to our store, we collect the rarest and most incredible accounts in League of Legends and will be happy to give you the opportunity to get what you want!

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