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Victorious Sivir is a rare skin in League of Legends from the Victorious category.

Even when her people thought that all hope was lost and they were just about ready to give in before their enemies she urged them not to. She has a reputation of being a knight in shining armor and to many, she exactly fits that description by all means. The skin was only made available to the players who took part in the 2015 league of legends season and were awarded either gold or higher level. She has a golden weapon of her own and she is not afraid to use force if need be.

How to get Victorious Sivir skin in 2022?

This skin was received by players who reached a Gold rank or higher in ranked matchmaking season 5 in League of Legends (2015). The skin was immediately added to the accounts of the players who deserved it on November 11, 2015, think how long it has been and how rare Victorious Sivir has been doing it.

Sivir is presented in Victorious armor with a splash of gold, which combines Sivir with the rest of the Victorious skins – Victorious Jarvan IV, Victorious Janna, Victorious Elise, Victorious Morgana, Victorious Maokai, Victorious Graves, Victorious Orianna, as well as the skin, released in 2020.

Added brilliant golden weapons, new model and texture changes, a gold crown for Sivir, gold armbands, and armor trim. Lady Warrior, for all her revenge and sophistication, Sivir is still deadly. Her robes are richly decorated with gold laurels, but on the whole she is quite simple. The skin, like all the others from this line, is made in blue tones. And you know, he suits her very much! Crossblade is a bit overloaded in my opinion. It is made of the same gold laurel, which are bent to form a circle. Crystals are located in each direction and it all somehow flies! The particles, in turn, are good, but they do not stand out as something unusual. The patterns in soft blue and yellow are pleasing to the eye and generally make a good impression.

Particles are also updated, it throws weapons when using abilities and during a normal attack. Riot also added a teleport animation, but there are no new sounds, which is typical for Victorious skins.

The fact is that there was only one day in history when Riot was given out by Victorious Sivir, it could not be sold or bought, it would never appear in the official store and there was no way to get it in the game.

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Because this skin was rewarded when a player has passed season five of this most famous game League of Legends. Upon passing season 5 this skin was automatically added to your account. Furthermore, the color pattern of her skin is so impressive and beautiful that a player can wish to buy it. But this skin was just a bonus and can’t be sold in any of the stores. She does have a weapon that can affect the energy level of two or more enemies simultaneously. Victorious Sivir is also a rare skin that is only available on old accounts that have passed season 5.

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