Warring Kingdoms Garen is a skin that was released in 2017 from the Warring Kingdoms series, released in honor of the Chinese New Year and inspired by China’s famous general Guan Ping. Also in this series such skins as:
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Warring Kingdoms Garen has a skin that represents him as a Chinese warrior, complete with gold armor and a green sword. He also has a hoop and a red ribbon appearing in his hair, which makes him look like he’s ready for battle.
Abilities have also been altered; when you spin it now, for example, you’ll see a bright green light emanating from it; the same effect will take place when you use the ultimate ability.
Garen tosses his sword into the air and catches it before planting the standard in the ground once they have returned to their base.
It is simpler to state that all of the animations and sounds in Warring Kingdom Garen have been redone than anything else.

How to get Warring Kingdoms Garen in 2022?

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Warring Kingdoms Garen has been redesigned to resemble a traditional Chinese warrior, complete with new gold armor and a green sword. This new look for Garen was inspired by the Chinese culture. Garen now wears a tiara, a red hairband, and a red rope around his back. In addition, he sports a red rope around his waist. His appearance has been transformed to that of a true warrior as a result of all of these alterations. There are also a large number of additional particles included with the skin, such as a brilliant green effect that replaces the yellow light that was present when Garen rotates around in place of the original. The very same thing takes place whenever he uses his ultimate ability, known as Demancian Justice. In the new recall animation for this skin, Garen juggles his sword and then tosses it into the air before conjuring a flag pole and planting it in the ground.

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