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Warring Kingdoms VI

Category: Legacy Skin
Price: 1350 RP
Animations: Really powerful upgrades in terms of animations and character strength making the upgrade worthy of consideration.
Sounds: Revolutionized SFX and VO to ensure the immersive audio experience.
Introduction: If you are looking for a really strong character with great attacking abilities, then Warring Kingdoms VI is your first choice to go to. The Warring Kingdoms VI is focused on the character’s abilities to make it even more powerful with upgraded visuals and audio effects. The Might of your character combined with this powerful skin makes your enemy no match for your strength and attacks. Drastic improvements can be seen in terms of attacking animations and movements and the sound effects make you feel the power in real-time.

Animations and Sounds: Animations get a considerable upgrade along with performance abilities and are designed keeping the whole power character in mind so you can feel the power emerging from character and each movement. The attacking and agility get better with this skin and sound effects are designed to meet the whole power concept precisely to complete the feeling you expect from a powerful character with upgraded skin.

Pros: The power upgrades on any skin could not get better than this and you can feel a drastic increase in strength in terms of attacking power and defense moves. The armor makes cool animations look like a piece of cake and gets you the desired feeling off the character if power is what you are looking for. Warring Kingdoms VI upgrades cannot easily be missed and are definitely worth giving a try as each part is considered on keeping the strength in focus to get the best out of your gaming experience.
Cons: The only con with this skin is that keeping the whole strength thing in mind, they could not add many interactive animations and everything seems to be focused on power and strength with this theme. It is also not available in-game store and can only be bought during the intervals when legacy vault gets re-opened.

How to Get Warring Kingdoms Vi in 2022?
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Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao and Tryndamere are the skins in question. This set of skins first appeared in the PC League of Legends game in 2013 and 2014, respectively, and have now found their way to Wild Rift. Tyrndamere from Warring Kingdoms will set you back 725 Wild Cores, while Xin Zhao’s skin will set you back 990 Wild Cores. Fiercely competitive Graves and Catpuse Wicked Destiny are now available to buy. Both of these skins will set you back to 525 Wild Cores. Including these old favorites, High Rift has no shortage of new and unique content added to the game, such as the Lunar Beast skins that were released at the same time as the PC version.

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