What is boosting in lol

Do you know what the mysterious “MMR” stand for? No, it’s not “Make Me Rage.” We will tell you what MMR is.

According to Riot Games, it stands for Match Making Rating. It’s not influenced by your division, and it is hard to say what it is influenced by. It is a hidden factor, known exclusively to Riot Games workers. But it is the true value that determines the skill level of your allies and enemies. It is why in the Gold IV division, you can meet someone from high Diamond. Why is MMR so important? Well, it determines how fast you climb on the League of Legends solo queue ladder.

Sadly for many challenger wannabes, there is no “elo boost” pay-2-win button. If you want to climb, to have to win games with your own hands.

Or someone else’s.

What is boosting in League of Legends

Elo boosting is a service where a high-rank LoL player is helping a lower-ranked player reach a higher rank. Whether it’s by sharing the account or duo queueing for ranked games – both ways can be called elo boosting.

The booster doesn’t have to be a professional. It can be your friend, and it may even cost you less than to buy lol boosting on official services.

How does elo boosting work in LoL?

There are two ways – the hard one and the soft one. The hard one is far riskier, as you need to entrust your account to a stranger. You need to give him your login and the password and hope that he’s not stealing your Silver II, 25 LP precious. The soft way is duo queueing with a high elo boost expert. He will play so good that you will probably win most of the games.

The first way is more popular since most of the elo boost specialists don’t want to be bothered by the customers, and they play ranked by themselves. It is the most popular way of elo boosting because the high elo player never knows if the boosted one is going to cooperate. He can suddenly start griefing, trolling, demand a refund. Also, as a booster, you need to rely on the boosted one to play at least decently. There are specific restrictions on top of that – you will not drag a silver player to the Diamond playing duo with him. Sooner or later, he will be a liability for the team. Meanwhile, playing solo, you should get to said Diamond without much problem.

The second one is better for your personal gameplay. Not only do you have your account away from being banned. It’s also boosted, and you can get a priceless experience as well as skill increase just from being a support! Who knows? Maybe you will get a friend as well?

What’s more, there is absolutely no risk of getting a ban from Riot Games while elo boosting this way. The boosted player uses his main registered account in ranked games, suitable for his Match Making Rating.

How much does elo boosting cost? The prices are dependent on the division discrepancy. The longer you want to go, the more you’ll pay. Usually, it is a couple of € or $ per division bracket below Diamond.

Buy LoL boosting or buy an account?

It is the vital question that you have to answer before putting money in the League of Legends.

Both ways are risky, as they violate the Terms of Service. It is why you have to buy LoL services from a trusted seller, like Smurfmania.com.

The first thing is the time. Buying account is a quick deal. You pay the price, and at the same moment, you receive the pass. For boosting, you’d have to wait.

The second thing is the content. When buying an account, you have a full control over the product. You know which level it has, how much Blue Essence, how many champions and skins, etc. If you need an account with all champions, and Aether Wings Kayle – there you go! As for elo boosting, you may end up with a couple of additional Hextech Chests, few experience level-ups, Champions capsules, thus a bunch of BE ahead. That’s it.

Boosting is definitely better in terms of safety and ban risk than buying an account. Riot Games is less likely to ban it because there is no proof that it wasn’t you playing, even if the IP is different. Also, there were countless instances of fraud, where the account was sold, and then the original owner sent a ticket to Riot Games, claiming that it was stolen from him. And the buyer? No money, no account.

What’s more, after the boosting is done, and you have your account back, you can change the password, and voila! Nobody steals from you.

Usually, you can influence the price of elo boosting. You can choose the desired division, you’d like to find yourself in. When buying account, you have to take it. Moreover, if it doesn’t have an option to change the name, you may end up playing as “Young Boostee” or other goofy stuff. With boosting, you have the name that you have chosen for yourself.

If you seek a fresh account, probably the best option will be neither of them. You just order a level 30 account for a reasonable price.

Why is high MMR important in climbing?

League Points (LPs) determine your division. Each division has four brackets – from IV up to I. Each bracket has a 100 LP requirements for promotional games, commonly referred to as promo. Brackets from IV to II have three games promo. Crossing the division – e. g. from Gold to Platinum – needs you to play up to five of them.

If you can increase MMR, the number of LPs gained will be significantly higher than the amount of League Points lost due to losing the game. Also, high MMR means that you are winning more than losing. Thus, your League Points gains are sufficient for you to climb.

As boosters are generally better at the game than regular players, they can reach and maintain high MMR to climb the divisions faster than a random LoL aficionado.

The moral aspect of elo boosting

The old saying goes like this: “Whenever a man is willing to purchase something, there will be a man willing to sell it to him.” We can paraphrase it like this: “Whenever there will be a player willing to pay for getting to the Diamond, there will be a booster willing to do it.”

For booster, there is nothing wrong. If he refuses to do it, there will come ten more experts in boosting in his place. It’s like a hydra. “If you are good at something, never do it for free,” as they say.

Also, what is wrong in saying to a friend: “Dude, can you get me to the Gold for a free skin? I promise I get there myself next season.” Collecting skins and champions is tedious work, and no wonder many people like to skip it.

But if someone pays a load of money for boosting from Silver to Diamond… it is just disgusting. Sure, there will be boosters ready to do it, but claiming: “I’m too good to be in Gold, I belong higher. The team is dragging me down” is just a lie and a poor excuse. If you were better, you’d be higher. Eventually.


Thanks to a booster, a weak player can have access to a higher rank, like Platinum, Diamond, or even further. Other players, who have their main account legitimately ranked in the high elo will get mad about having a “boostee” in their team.

Sadly, the “Kruger-Dunning effect” is very noticeable in League of Legends. The definition of this effect says that less experienced people tend to overvalue their proficiency, while more competent people tend to do otherwise. It is why boosting was created in the first place. Players with low rating were so confident they belong higher that they decided to get there with money and cheating. The reality verified their skills. They have dropped down from the Diamond to their natural Gold in no time.

Will it ever change? Will toxic players start avoiding League of Legends, and the community will become perfect? Will the trademarks of online gaming – flame, toxicity, trolling, and griefing – finally disappear? Riot Games is working on it. From season to season, they implement many changes in League of Legends mechanics.


What does boosting mean in gaming?

It means legally or illegally, using superior experience and skill to bring lower ranked accounts to higher ranks.

How do I increase my rating in League of Legends?

You have to win more ranked games than you lose.

Can I get banned for elo boosting in LoL?

If you get caught by Riot Games – yes.

Boosting in League of Legends is the practice of granting access to your account to a professional player that spends all of his time playing at a high level and boosting league of legends accounts to improve your rated division. Per-win enhancements provided you a fixed amount of IP equal to the maximum base IP a game may give you (values were different for each game mode). This modification was designed to guarantee that players get the most out of their boost in really short games, but Riot hasn’t updated its descriptions of how per-win bonuses work. Because of the way per-win boosts work, they gave Custom, Twisted Treeline, and Co-op vs. AI games far less IP.