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Where is the best place to buy league accounts?

Many League of Legends players, after another ban for toxic behavior, having looked at the familiar level of 30 levels in order to play their favorite ranked, thought one way or another about buying a ready-made level 30 account.
But where can you buy this coveted account in order to immediately start climbing the steps of the ranked game? In this article we will try to list all the options for places where you can buy an account, as well as their pros and cons, and you will choose for yourself
the option that suits you. In total, there are several options or even types of sites where you can purchase a League of Legends account:

1) A store specializing in the sale of League of Legends accounts (we, the SmurfMania.com team, belong to this option).
To begin with, it should be clarified that all the shops on the market are now divided by the product they sell (botted * or handleaded *), so we would like to disassemble them separately.

I) Botted stores occupy 90% of the result of Google, on account purchase requests, if at least once in your life you were looking for something like that, you know what I mean. They sell exclusively botted accounts * and lure buyers with their low price,
which often starts at $ 3-4 and ends at $ 20-25 per account, and the price depends solely on the quality of the bot, which raised the level on this account, but the quality of the bot is not a panacea, we have analyzed this moment in more detail
in our article (link to article about botted). What are the advantages of shops selling botted accounts? Price per account, pure elo and yes, you can end there. Of the minuses, a few points should be noted:
-Quality of botted accounts – The quality of the bot that raised the level of your account depends on the number of people who use it, respectively, the more people use this bot, the more famous its algorithm becomes
, which Riot Games writes to their database, after which you get banned for using third-party programs, i.e. if your account is not banned now, no one guarantees that it will not be banned in six months, when the bot becomes popular and
and its algorithm will be willingly recorded by the creators of League of Legends. By the way, if you decide to buy an account with a ready-made rank on it, be sure to check with the seller which account he purchased to raise the rank on it, since very
often boosters decide to save money and buy a botted account for a couple of dollars for their own purposes, raise the rank on it, sell it to you, and after a month, six months or a year you get a ban on it and lose, in addition to money for the account, time, riot points, bought on it, and this is not a very good situation.

– Often these stores have payment systems that do not allow you to demand a refund. Yes, the seller can write that he has a guarantee and something like that, but the selection of a payment system, where there is no way to make a refund, is already in itself suggests that everything is not so clean here. For example, at the beginning of 2020, Riot Games started a massive ban wave * and most sellers of botted accounts found themselves in a difficult situation, this time Riot Games disabled many new bots
and banned all the accounts that were swinging with his help, the players were banned from their accounts, they demanded a refund or replacement, but there is nothing to replace, since all accounts were banned, and not everyone could be returned using payment systems on which you cannot open a case.

II) A store selling handleaded accounts. (for example Smurfmania.com)
There are not many specific stores on the market, but you can still find them easily. They usually indicate that their accounts are handleveled.

– Your account will not be blocked for using bots in six months, and in general, banrate * on such accounts is less than 1%, due to the fact that the level on them was raised manually and the algorithm of even the same person who was raised
the level on two different acco
unts will be completely different, since the bot does everything exactly according to the script (buys things, moves) and the bot can show its uniqueness of the algorithm unless it gets stuck in the wall while moving, unlike the same person,
who completely follows the process.

– Accounts are unique and literally presented for every taste. What you won’t find among botted account sellers is the variety of assortments. From 2 to 140 champions, from 0 to 999 skins, with a ready-made rank or the purest elo to raise the rank, this is a distinctive feature of such stores, where you can choose a unique account for every taste !.

– Rare skins. Ever wanted an account with a skin that stopped selling in 2010, or even came with the first League of Legends Collector’s Edition, or maybe you want a skin that was coded at a special PAX conference? All this is available only from such stores, since many of them are actively buying such accounts from other players and, being intermediaries,
resell them to you for a relatively small markup, for which they protect this transaction and provide you with an account guarantee.

– Price. Since people whose time is priceless participate in the entire process from start to finish, the price of an account differs from the price of a botted account. For example, for $ 20, you can get a ranked ready account on a north america server with 25 champions, and a pure elo account or a botted account with 50-60 champions, but believe me, it’s worth it. buying botted there is a real risk of paying 2 or even 3 times, losing riot points
and above all, my precious time, which, as I wrote above, is priceless! Many boosters who are responsible to their clients cooperate with us, who provide high-quality accounts based on a handleveled account.

2) The sites where the seller is looking for his buyer as on ebay. In short, everything works really like on ebay, the seller places his accounts in an ad format, and the buyer looks for a suitable one, and the site owners take a percentage of each transaction.

– Large selection of accounts. The assortments of some sites reach tens of thousands of accounts.

– Large selection of accounts. Let me explain why. Indeed, the number is impressive, but without an adequate filter system, you will not find the account you need as quickly as you would like, since most of these thousands
are occupied by not entirely honest sellers, showing the same accounts separately, as a result, getting a large coverage of space in the store, and you, in turn, get this.
– Since this is a common platform, chances are high that you will encounter an inadequate seller who can restore your account, having his own mail from him.
– Pricing. Unlike stores that buy personal accounts and which have clear evaluation criteria and which, due to their vast experience, have developed algorithms for buying and securing an account, on common sites you are faced with the fact that absolutely the same
accounts can be evaluated in different ways and not in your favor.
3) Special forums. Everything is simple here, most likely you already know about these forums, which are communities for buying and selling accounts in various games.

– If you have not found rare skins in the store, then you can try to search for it on such forums where there are very rare and expensive accounts. After the shops that sell handleveled league of legends and ebay accounts, forums can really help you find the very rare skin you’ve always dreamed of.
– The forums monitor their reputation and try to resolve the issue in favor of the buyer.

– Small selection.
– All the disadvantages of working with sellers from common sites who are constantly looking for a place where they can put their accounts, taking as much space as possible, unfortunately, the forums did not escape such a fate.
– The purchase often goes through ordinary transfers directly to the buyer to his account, which excludes the possibility of making a refund in case of fraud even on PayPal!
IGVault, PlayerAuctions, G2G, and Smurfmania are just a few examples. PlayerAuctions is excellent, but its costs are the most expensive. IGVault does not display a large number of photographs. As a result, in our opinion, the best is PlayerAuctions, which wins in terms of price-quality and provides up to 30 days of guarantee on purchases, while IGVault does not. Never buy from G2G since, despite its inexpensive costs, it offers no guarantees and has awful customer service. Smurfmania is a good option too because it is completely trustworthy and delivers clean accounts.

* Botted accounts – accounts that can be upgraded using special programs. A more detailed description of this type of accounts is in our article (link to the article about botted accounts)
* Handleveled accounts – accounts, the level on which is raised manually without using any software.
* Ban wave – massive blocking of botted accounts with known and new bot algorithms recently added to the riot games database.
* Banrate – the probability of getting a block on the account
In conclusion, I want to add that in the matter of buying a personal account, you should study all the pros and cons of each of the sites and you should not rely on the price, since you pay first of all for the security of your account, on which you will win many victories and buy many skins!

Hope you were interested, dear summoner!