It is the demon jester, that has some interesting modifications, that looks really cool. Originally released in May of 2015, it is quite an old-school skin at this point in time, but thankfully, it is still available at the store for purchase, so you might be able to buy it if you have the RP to do so.

Wild Card Shaco is a skin to the infamous jester known as “Shaco”. What’s so different from the original Shaco you may be asking yourself, well a lot actually, for one Wild Card Shaco has insanely crazy hair, whereas the original Shaco only had

Wild Card Shaco in detail

It is quite an interesting skin, to say the least. His skin kind of orientates the “card” theme often seen in card games, and movies. Wild Card Shaco, also gets some pretty sick-looking red weapons.

Only costing a mere 750 RP to purchase this skin, it makes it a no-brainer to definetly pick this skin up, because of its easy availability. Of course, there are better options for this price if you are looking for a lot of new features, but in general, this is a really good-looking skin for Shaco.

Wild Card’s look is one of a kind. Even if the Joker viewpoint isn’t very apparent, Shaco definitely nails the first half. Perhaps the reference to a Joker card in Jack in the Box is more accurate. In comparison to the customary light-heartedness of the card’s artwork, Shaco appears to be far too crazed. Nonetheless, even though he seems more like an eccentric nobleman than a dark buffoon, he appears suited for a court. The clothing is lavishly embellished with a modest asymmetric coloration that suits his famous haircut; a superb option backed up by an impassioned countenance. Despite the vambraces on his forearms, the metallic boots are unexpected and make no sense. The daggers have a unique design, similar to the Jack in the Box.

Is Wild Card Shaco worth it?

It really depends on what type of skins you are looking for, and whether or not you main Shaco or not. If you main Shaco, you can at least consider this an option, but also remember that there are other options as well. If you do not main Shaco, then this may not be worth your time, if you don’t plan on using Shaco in your team.

Wild Card Shaco is definetly a skin worth checking out, if you are into jesters, or really like the design of Shaco. Not only that, but Wild Card Shaco has a lot of other great things about it that really make it look awesome, for one its swords are red, and look cool when fighting.


In conclusion, Yuubee is an excellent addition to the Yuumi skin family, and I think it serves as an excellent treat for long-time Yuumi fans. Whether or not your into bees, this skin will be sure to satisfy someone, and most definetly collectors.

Overall I think it is a pretty good skin, but it could be better. The design is great, but my main issue is that the “bee” concept seems a bit unusual, and unoriginal for a skin idea however, this is completely subjective, and could well be false. On the bright side, the honey animations look great, and the new sound and particles really allow Yubee to thrive.

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