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It is the “Winter Wonder” version of Karma, as the name would obviously suggest. This is a fairly new skin at this point in time, coming out during the December of 2016. The “winter wonder” series of skins tend to follow an interesting pattern, where they come out each year, and every new year brings more new winter-themed skins.

It rarity ranks in the epic category, and just like most skins from the epic category, they all get very nice features, but oftentimes the epic skins tend to be a bit pricey. It cost the League of Legends standard price of 1350 RP.

Winter Wonder Karma in detail

This skin gives Karma the overhaul treatment, by replacing a lot of things from her original skin, and overhauling it to fit the Winter Wonder Karma skin. For context, it gives the original Karma a haircut and gives her more “winter-themed” clothing, and accessories.

It keeps her purple clothing, but now it has golded plated edges that look really shiny, and magical. Overall her design is superb, Riot games did a great job with designing Winter Wonder Karma.

Is Winter Wonder Karma worth it?

There are a lot of Winter Wonder skins overall in League of Legends as a whole, but this skin is on a whole other level compared to the rest of the winter skins. Yes, many could argue that this is obviously subjective, I personally believe that this skin has an excellent design. Karma was a very good skin to give the “winter wonder” treatment because now Karma can transform into winter at any time (assuming you have the skin).

Not that it is in the legacy void however, it will be much much more difficult to go about obtaining Winter wonder karma, simply due to the nature of catching legacy skins, and actually being able to obtain them.

Winter enchantment Karma is one of the skins in the Winter Wonder world. In this reality, Karma is a sorceress who sends snow to the places and forests she travels through. The visual and audio effects section just carried Winter Wonder Karma. It’s not that the character model is horrible, but it’s nothing to get excited about. It’s only Karma, dressed warmly and with a snowflake atop her head. But what about the animations? They’re simply delectable. Every time you use the empowered Q, it seems like you’re using a small Sejuani ult. In addition, the W’s frost effect is rather good.


In conclusion, this skin is a really good choice, if your looking for a really cool-looking “Winter themed” skin, or are looking for something to spice up your gameplay. Obviously, this skin isn’t perfect, and that’s pretty much a given with most skins, but its overwhelmingly incredible design, makes up for that.

Overall it, is a really good choice for Karma, and it’s really cool looking as well. The price might be a bit too intimidating to some, but if you are used to buying higher-priced skins, then this shouldn’t be too big of an issue. Overall, however, at the end of the day, it is up to you as to whether or not this skin is worth your time or not.

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