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It is a very colorful skin in the Winter Wonder skin series. The coolest part about Winter Wonder Neeko however, is her chromas. It has some really colorful, and beautiful colors to choose from, one of them is even a freaking rainbow!

Beyond her amazing, and super awesome chromas, the skin itself is the typical universal amount of 1350 RP, but you get a lot of stuff for this price though. Neeko in terms of rarity is an “epic” type skin, therefore it has a lot of nice features that are usually exclusive to the “epic” rarity, although there have been times where regular skins get a lot as well, so price and rarity aren’t everything in League of Legends.

Winter Wonder Neeko in detail

It has a lot going for it. For one it now has a brand new model, as well as some brand new animations, particles, and more. Although this was kind of expected, considering most Winter Wonder themed skins get treated with a lot of content, so this isn’t as special as it seems, still, however, these features are still nice to have from an immersion standpoint.

It follows the “winter” theme with the Winter Wonder-themed skins. These skins in particular have been around for quite some time, however, Winter Wonder Neeko happens to be quite recent in the Winter Wonder-themed skins, coming out during the end of 2018.

Is Winter Wonder Neeko worth it?

Winter Wonder Neeko thankfully isn’t a legacy skin, so you should be able to still purchase it from the store, however, you should still remain alert, since this skin could become a legacy at any given moment, so please keep this in mind.

1350 RP is quite a ruff price-tag, considering there are a lot of other better options with the same features for a lower price, however, this skin has some amazing chromas, and you definetly wouldn’t want to miss out on those.

Neeko’s key attribute as a chameleon-type vastaya is adaptability. Her skin tone and design place her origin in the tropics, and her clothing choices reflect this. Winter Wonder Neeko, on the other hand, demonstrates her inhuman nature by not altering her attire when the weather changes; instead, her skin adjusts. Winter Wonder Neeko, on the other hand, introduces Neeko as a winter spirit rather than a vastaya. With two of Neeko’s three skins tying her to the spirit world and divinity rather than Runeterra, perhaps there’s a hint as to where her adventures will take her or what her original intent was.


In conclusion, it is a really interesting skin in the Winter Wonder skin family. The design is quite unique, and Winter Wonder Neeko has some of the coolest chromas in the entire game.

Overall though if you are not really big into “winter themed” skins, it may be best to just pass up on this skin, but with that said, it has some amazing chromas, and If your looking for some cool chromas, then Winter Wonder Neeko may not.

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