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winter wonder orianna lol skin

It is a winter-themed skin that came out in December of 2014. Orianna normally has a ball with it, but the Winter Wonder Orianna takes it a step further and gives us a cool-looking snowman-like head as her ball. Sadly, just like with most holiday, and event-themed skins, this skin has unfortunately faded into the legacy void, meaning it will be much harder to obtain than normal skins, and it will not be available in the store. The only legitimate way to obtain it at this point in time is to get it from the legacy vault or use legacy skin methods to help you in your attempt to find it.

 Winter Wonder Orianna in detail

It gives Orianna a winter-theme look. Orianna is now given light-blue clothing to represent the winter atmosphere, and her ball now looks more like a snowman’s head then anything. These changes help give Orianna a more wintery-look.

Probably the best part about this skin, however, is the brand new models, animations, and features include with Winter Wonder Orianna. These features help this skin look very immersive, and cool. 

Is Winter Wonder Orianna  worth it?

It isn’t the most original concept in the world for skin, but it definetly makes up for that, by giving the player such a cool-looking skin. Winter Wonder Orianna is certainly far from perfect, but with a price as low as 975 RP, it puts epic skins to shame, with how much value you get from this.

This skin may not be for everyone, but I personally believe that this skin has a lot of really cool immersive qualities to it that allows the skin to shine perfectly. The Winter skins overall are pretty good, but feel the same to some extent, despite this minor complaint, however, it is a great skin for Orianna.


In conclusion, Winter Wonder Orianna isn’t the best skin in the world, and some may argue its the worst of the Winter Wonder collection, but I personally believe that this skin has a lot going for it, and is definetly worth it if you ever manage to come across it.

Overall Winter Wonder Orianna has a lot going for it, but also a lot of noticeable flaws to its design, for example, its lack of originality makes it look like a generic “winter” themed skin, that League tends to throw out during Christmas time. On the other hand, this is a great addition to the Orianna skin family and is certainly one of Orianna’s most unique skins.

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