Workshop Nunu & Willump is based on the “Workshop” skin series, which at this point in time is a very old skin series. Workshop Nunu & Willump came out in 2009, making it a decade old at this point. Just like with most older skins from the era, it has gained the title of “legacy skin” meaning it is much more rarer, and can only be obtained via legacy vault, and legacy skin methods. When Workshop Nunu & Wilump came out, they were only 520 RP, which in modern-day League of Legends, is an insanely good value.

Workshop Nunu & Willump in detail

Unfortunately, there isn’t much to talk about in terms of changes to the skin, but one thing that did change is that there are some slight changes to both models, which is minor, but cool nonetheless.

It is a cool-looking skin overall, and it fits the “Christmas theme” real well. At this point in time, however, this skin is incredibly rare, due to its age, I mean this is the 2009 League of Legends we are talking about, and things were very different back then.

Is Workshop Nunu & Willump worth it?

Honestly yes, because this skin is a collector’s piece for Nunu & Willump, and it’s a great skin for those players who are trying to hunt down older skins but never got the opportunity to.

Sadly Workshop Nunu & Willump don’t have the luxury features that most skins have, like new sound effects, particles, and all that fancy stuff, but costing only 520 RP, this skin is definetly worth it.

Nunu & Willump Workshop has a strong message. Nunu transforms into an elf with missing front teeth who wears cozy clothing with golden embellishments. Perhaps the gold is a little too royal, but the elf theme works well. Willump is turned into a chimera of a yeti and a reindeer, which is strange but yet attractive, thanks to its thick, furry body. Some Christmas decorations and a present bag are included, both of which are minor additions that help to develop the concept in the skin’s cartoony direction. Overall, the Christmas connections are obvious. Although Willump appears to be the more intriguing character, Nunu also participates, albeit in a more subdued manner.


In conclusion, it is a really good skin for Nunu & Willump, and I think it is a good choice from the “Workshop” series. If you are really into the Christmas spirit and are looking for a skin to thrill your Christmas appetite, then this skin is for you! With all of that said, the rarity of this skin can be intimidating to some players, especially those who aren’t too happy about waiting for the legacy vault to open, however, if you are patient enough, and are willing to do everything in your absolute power to obtain this old skin, then you won’t be disappointed.

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