Workshop Shaco is quite a creepy-looking skin in terms of design. Workshop Shaco is based on jesters, sometimes shown in card games. It is a very old skin, coming out in 2011! only a couple of years after Leagues’ initial release. The skin itself costs 975 RP, and for what you get for that price is disappointing, to say the least. However, this came out during a time when skins were still new, so things were quite different back then, so I will give this the benefit of the doubt, and you should as well.

Workshop Shaco in detail

Like mentioned at the beginning, Workshop Shaco is based on Jesters usually found in old card games. The sad thing here is, Workshop Shaco now remains as a legacy skin, so obtaining it may prove to be very difficult. Workshop Shaco’s design is slightly creepy, but don’t let this discourage you from buying him, as his creepiness is one of the quality features that allow him to express his true personality.

Is Workshop Shaco worth it?

It is incredibly rare, and probably not worth it to the average player. Obtaining Workshop Shaco is also not an easy task, as it might take a long time depending on the circumstance of things. However, with all of this said if somehow manage to obtain it, then you will be treated with an awesome-looking Jester re-design for Shaco.

If your not a fan of jesters or you are creeped out by his weird smile, then it may be best to re-consider obtaining him. However, if you really want this skin, and on knee’s you really it, then you will be treated with a blast from the past.

Workshop Shaco takes use of another Shaco trait: coulrophobia. The combination of the clown and the wicked toy, as well as the inclusion of phobias, makes for an intriguing notion. The design of the clockwork toy is excellent: the limbs have thin unions, the torso has a spring in the centre, and the garments are constructed of metal rather than cotton. Shaco is transformed into an effective killing machine thanks to the artificial component, which is another way of viewing the Demon Jester. To summarize, Workshop Shaco is a fantastic skin that combines a brilliant concept with a pleasing design.


In conclusion, it is old news by now to most people, but I personally think older skins (especially legacy ones) often get forgotten about and lack popular attention which is a disappointment. The main reason why this is the case is because, when a skin gets discontinued and becomes a legacy, it usually become extremely rare, and in some case unobtainable.

Overall though, Workshop Shaco is definetly a solid skin overall and is a great choice for players who really like Shaco.

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