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World Breaker Hecarim kinda has a majestic-look to him. He wears some really cool-looking gold-plated armor, that gives him a magical, and fantasy look. He gains an entirely new look, and model which makes him look much more majestic compared to his original skin. Not only that, but to top things off, he even gets brand new particles as well, which is uncommon for regular skins, so this is a treat for us, League of Legends players, indeed.

Is World Breaker Hecarim worth it?

He doesn’t gain much in terms of new content, which is a bit of a letdown, but don’t let this disappointment stop you from buying him, because he gains 2 new features, instead of a mere texture change, which is heavily uncommon in regular skins. Not only that, but his design is just brilliant. He looks like a truly epic warrior, with an amazing design. Riot games design team nailed it with this design because it not only meets the criteria of amazing, but it also manages to do everything right with how skins are designed.

To a chilly foundation completed with golden armour stained by obvious Aztec motifs, it’s a weird juxtaposition. The ice-feathers on the back of the head and the enormous helmet that resembles a crown are the most prominent examples. With its enormous pauldrons and geometrical embellishments, the halberd, like the armour, suggests a regal character. Despite the fact that eagle knights did not ride horses and instead arrived with the Europeans, the bottom body attempts to mirror the upper body as closely as possible with intricately carved armour. Overall, Worldbreaker Hecarim is an odd blend of concepts, yet it’s an intriguing Aztec-inspired ice-ghost. Although there is a sense of lack of focus, the nice looks are given.


In conclusion, World Breaker Hecarim is such a well-constructed skin, that it is definetly a contender for one of the best World Breaker skins. Although it lacks the luxury of new sound effects or animations, it more than makes up for that by giving the player some badass particles, and a wickedly awesome new model. Overall you don’t need all the premium features that epic and higher rarity skins have to be a well-designed skin, and World Breaker Hecarim proves that by having such a brilliant design and giving us 2 features instead of 1 for the price of 750 RP, which is rare in a regular skin like this.

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