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World Breaker Malzahar is part of the ever-so-popular World Breaker skin series. It is a quite recent skin, being released in 2020. The skin itself has a lot of very nice features, and a lot to offer. It in terms of rarity, is an epic skin. Usually, epic skins contain features that are premium, like new sound effects, particles, animations, and more.

World Breaker Malzahar in detail

World Breaker Malzahar is quite an interesting skin. I personally think it looks really good on Malzahar, especially with the awesome-looking blue aura around it, it is insanely cool. The price for this colorful skin is around (1350) RP, just like most epic skins. A bit on the pricey side for newcomers, but for veterans, this is nothing new. I’d say it’s definetly worth the price for what you get, but we will get into that later.

Is World Breaker Malzahar worth it?

It is such a colorful, vibrant, and immersive skin, that I think it would be foolish to pass up on. The World Breaker skin series has some very well-crafted skins, and Malzahar is no exception.

I’d say it’s definetly worth the RP if you have it because you get so many amazing features, and a freaking badass blue aura, that makes Malzahar look intimidating as heck. However, at the end of the day, it is up to the player as to whether or not this skin is worth their time.

Although I was suspicious at first when I saw the splash image, I was concerned that he would appear too simple in-game. My concerns were instantly dispelled when I viewed his model and realized his capabilities. It everything has a strong arcane sense about it. He looks like he’s guarding an old temple from a horde of shouting Vikings. His passive shield is a lot more subtle than it is in the standard model, which I appreciate, and his small minions are equally magical and menacing. The fact that his Q, E, and R all have mysterious writing or statue faces come up only adds to the ancient wizard theme, which I like.


In conclusion, World Breaker Malzahar is a very good skin, and I personally really like it. Honestly, the entire World Breaker series as a whole is very good. So if you come across this skin at the store, and have the RP necessary to obtain it, definetly buy it, because it could very well be worth it. I mean what’s not to love, it has a very cool design, great new features like, sound effects, textures, particles, and more. Certainly, this skin isn’t perfect, but it’s a solid skin, and I think players should give it a fair chance if you haven’t already.

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