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Maokai is one of the fortunate few champions who has received the World Breaker series of skins. This is such an awesome, and colorful skin, and I’ll get into why later, but for now I will discuss the basic info about him. In terms of rarity, Maokai ranks in the epic skin category. This category of skins holds skins that are usually quite expensive, and not only that, but these skins usually contain a ton of premium features like new sound effects and animations.

World Breaker Maokai in detail

Oh boy, It is a very intimidating, and scary-looking skin up-close, but honestly, I absolutely love the intimidating “vibe” that he gives off, it makes the skin look very strong visually. World Breaker Maokai comes with an entire meal of extra content. New sound effects, visuals, animations, textures, and more. Overall this skin has a lot of very nice features.

Is World Breaker Maokai worth it?

It is a beast of a skin, coming with a ton of new features, and a very well-crafted design. Of course, it’s inevitable that not everyone will like the “world breaker” theme, but overall I think World Breaker Maokai is an excellent skin.

It’s really hard to pinpoint any flaws with this skin, since it gets the job done for a quality skin. In fact the only realistic problem that would arise with this skin is the appearance, but that’s completely subjective so that doesn’t count in this case.

Worldbreaker Maoki appears to be an old creature who has only recently awakened to serve a higher purpose. His arm resembles the entrance of an old temple. His back is covered in a crimson tree, which gives him an exotic fantasy air. The skin also has some unique elements, like as a new recall animation and an ult animation that makes you feel as though you’re being pursued by the spirits of the damned. Overall, this skin is a good match for Maokai’s persona. However, because it resembles all of the other Worldbreaker skins, I don’t think it’s as good as it might be.


In conclusion, World Breaker Maokai is a fan favorite of the “World Breaker” skin set and is heavily praised for its awesome design, and clever new textures. Sure it isn’t a perfect skin, and for the price, there can be better options if you are looking for a cheaper skin for Maokai, but other than those complaints, it is a near-masterpiece.

The highlight of this skin, however, is that out of all the World Breaker skins in the roster, this one, in particular, is one of the “best” if not the “best” designed skins in the World Breaker series of skins.

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