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Worldbreaker Trundle is an exceptional skin in the League of Legends game and it has its own unique story: opinions differ, some believe that the destroyers of the world are a reference to the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, someone believes that this came from myths of the Mayan people. Legends say – on the day when the sun goddess eats the moon, the destroyers of the world will rise from the tombs and this world will see its last day.

Worldbreaker Nautilus, according to legend, will come out of the sea, causing a gigantic wave size that will destroy all life, after it comes Worldbreaker Trundle, freezes the water that swallows the whole earth, shackled it into an ice ball, Worldbreaker Hecarim will follow it and things will become even more ominous (although, it would seem, much worse?), the sharp blows of his hooves and weapons will be the last sounds that will be heard on the earth before it is swallowed by endless darkness.

All that remains is the pillar of the infernal flame, from which the fourth destroyer will come – Worldbreaker Nasus, straight from the core of the Earth, which will deliver the last blow to all living things in this world, ending the era of life on the planet.

Players around the world immediately saw in Worldbreaker Trundle a reference to the Zandalari trolls from WoW (World of Warcraft), and we know that players love a lot of games and it turned out that many fans of League of Legends also play World of Warcraft.

Trundle has a huge statue, with which he destroys his enemies, turning them into a mess, from which you can only be horrified. Do not get in his way, it is very dangerous, we warned you!

The Pillar of Ice is now a huge crystal shard, by the way, Riot Games, added a new sound effect to this ability. This skin is incredibly well designed, we advise you to try it, we assure you that you will definitely like it!

How to get Worldbreaker Trundle in 2022?

So far, Worldbreaker Trundle can be bought for 750 Riot Points, however, as with many rare skins, it can be permanently removed from the official store at any time. If you want to get an account that already has this skin and many others, we invite you to our store, here you can buy an account in the game League of Legends for you and your friends at great prices, with instant delivery and a lifetime warranty!

Skin changes- Takes the champion beyond a basic outfit change by adding more immersive elements. A new model, texture, and splash image are included. New animations, visual effects, and noises are occasionally included where they are appropriate for the skin’s theme or where their absence would be detrimental. Introduction and bio of both the skin:– Trundle, the second of four titans prophesied to shatter the planet, is said to appear when the moon smothers the sun. He will ascend in the north in the midst of that darkness, blanketing all of creation in ice until the world is chilly and silent. If you’re interested in learning more, read about the PBE server and how to acquire access here.

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