Xin Zhao Rework in 2021

Let’s talk about a little Xin Zhao rework. I will say right away that reaching the final, everything can be a little different. Now dominated by Udyr and others, champions like Xin Zhao have been forgotten. Riot wants to give this champion a chance to live, and that’s where the change comes from. They want to make the gameplay on it more enjoyable, to give more opportunities. Finally, make him stronger if you play well and highlight his combat mechanics by adding range to his skills.

First of all, we will touch on his passive. The heal itself is reduced, but the AP scaling is increased by as much as 15 percent. Whether this will make sense, it is not yet clear, since the AP of the item he has not yet collected. At Q, the damage is reduced: at the first level by 5 units, and at the fifth level by only one. This small nerf is needed because of the W buff. And now W catches most of the changes. For starters, Riot will tweak the hitboxes. There were frequent complaints from players, so the damage will increase up to 33% depending on the critical chance. Both hits will not grant only 33% lifesteal. Now it is equal to one hundred percent, which is actually very strong … If only this does not turn Xin Zhao into another league monster. The cast time will be 0.5 seconds, and will not be scaling from the attack speed. Mana cost increased by 60. Second hit range increased from 900 to 1,000. The damage on the second hit also changes with a decrease in base damage and scaling from AD by 5 percent, but adds scaling from AP.

Cooldown in the last levels is reduced to 6 seconds. Well, the last thing on this skill is that now it will give vision of affected enemies for three seconds. Distance E is increased from 650 to one thousand 100. Cooldown is reduced from 12 to 11 seconds, and the dash speed is reduced to 2500.

Many “unpopular” champions returned to the meta after the preseason updates in 2021, when Riot launched new equipment in League of Legends. Even while tank champions dominated the early preseason, most of them were nerfed later, and bruiser champions are now in a strong position. Xin Zhao, on the other hand, has been unable to flourish on the Summoner’s Rift for some seasons now, despite the addition of new Mythic items and alternate build paths. Xin Zhao’s main revamp began in patch 7.19, when Riot essentially altered all of his abilities. Because to his quick jungle clear and early pressure, he was eventually dubbed a meta jungler. However, he was nerfed numerous times later on, and many people feel he was nerfed because of it.

Well, at the end of the ult. He will have a scaling from zero to one hundred and ten percent, the duration will be as much as 5 seconds. His ultimate will no longer block auto attacks and skills like he does now.

Well the only question is what the hell is happening to Xin Zhao? Now AP assembly is nothing more than just a velesle and catch a report for such a simple matter. Riot just now want to see AP Xin Zhao, AP scaling all over. His tower is now a gift!

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