Zombie Ryze is a supernatural-based skin for Ryze the champion. This skin takes the already scary elements of normal Ryze and zombifies it by a little. Fans of Ryze, or people who main it will most likely get enjoyment from this skin.

This skin was sold in the store for around 975 RP making it more of a bargain skin, but it still manages to bring with it a slightly enhanced model for Ryze.

Zombie Ryze in detail

It is one of the more affordable options in theRyze skin family. This factor alone contributes a lot to Zombie Ryze’s appeal factor. Along with having brand new colors, it also comes with slight changes to its original model, making it such a cool skin.

Sadly Zombie Ryze lacks the addition of brand new particles or animations, but it does at least contain some changes to its original model. However, if your looking for a skin with all 3 of these features, look elsewhere, because Zombie Ryze has only 1 of 3 features.

In retrospect, this skin has more of a “green-look” compared to its original counterpart. Other than the model changes though, Zombie Ryze looks nearly identical to its original counterpart.

Is Zombie Ryze worth it?

The main problem with Zombie Ryze is that it doesn’t feel very original in terms of design and concept. Not only that, but it lacks in the “uniqueness” that most skins in League of Legends have.

To make matters worse, this skin is a legacy skin making it ever-more harder to get your hands on, even if you did want the skin. You should probably pass on it since it is very difficult to obtain, and probably not worth it to the average player.

One positive, however, is that this skin is incredibly cheap, so with some leftover RP, you can probably purchase this skin if you desire to do so.

Zombie Ryze is Ryze dressed like a zombie, but in a simple and superficial way. There’s no doubt in my mind that it’s Ryze. After all, he’s the only one with pale complexion, torn clothing, and a gravestone tied to his back. The new green particles are intended to further define Zombie Ryze’s personality. They have a washed-out look that fits the zombie concept, yet there are some blue tones left over, like as in Overload’s shield. Zombie Ryze is more of a mask than a fully resurrected Rune Mage. Although the inclusion of green particles helps to distinguish the skin, the watered-down model loses its horror appeal. It’s still a skin worth considering for Ryze fans, but only if they don’t mind a slightly different look.


Although Zombie Ryze has quite a disappointing design, it is very much affordable and easy to buy. It really depends on what your needs are as a League of Legends player. Ryze mains might feel obligated to purchase this skin, while collectors will be waiting for the legacy vault to be available again. Whatever the circumstance is, it is ultimately your choice as to whether or not this skin is worth your time and money.


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