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Zombie Slayer Jinx the extravagant skin.

The champion Jinx has always been known for having quite the “insane” design, but Zombie Slayer Jinx takes that insanity to a whole nother level. Unlike Zombie Slayer Pantheon, this skin costs a bit more than Pantheon. It costs approximately 1350 RP. This is the universal average price for most skins in League of Legends, prices lower than this range usually a good sign of a cheaper and more affordable skin.

Zombie Slayer Jinx in detail

It is quite a strange skin, with its creepy, and possibly intimidating smile giving it an unusually charming vibe. Many people consider the “zombie-slayer skin series” a great choice to use during Halloween-time. Zombie Slayer Jinx comes with many new features that set it apart from the original Jinx. This skin has brand new models, particles, animations, and brand new sounds as well! His weapon gets some nice changes to her cannon-gun. It now has a more “green” look to it, matching perfectly with the zombie slayer skin series.

Is Zombie Slayer Jinx worth it?

It is unfortunately now a legacy skin, making it much more difficult to get your hands on it. Still, though you may be able to get your hands on it one day if it is available in the legacy vault.

If this skin doesn’t look appealing to you, then it’s alright because you have 7 other Jinx skins to choose from, but if your a collector or you happen to main Jinx, then you will most likely want this skin in your collection.

Jinx was destined to be a part of the zombie apocalypse. For such situation, being crazy and possessing firearms of all shapes and sizes is a prerequisite. And this skin drives that idea home to a tee. With loads of ancient equipment, bright colors, graffiti, and even actual zombies in your backdrop animation, everything in this design is incredibly steam punk. Your ultimate’s explosion also feels quite rewarding. When you’re outside the river, your E is particularly difficult to notice. In addition, your auto-attacks are quite good in both forms. Only the lack of a certain “wow” aspect, which you’ll find in the next skins, holds it back.


In conclusion, Zombie Slayer Jinx is wacky and unusual skin, but at the same time, it is such a well-designed, and fun skin to use in combat, that I think it’s one of the golden skins in the Jinx skin library.

Certainly, there will be people that may not be amused by this skin’s new features, and design, but there will also be the people who greatly admire this skin’s new features, and are enthusiastic to try it out in battle. Overall I think this skin has its pros and cons, but at the end of the day, it’s a really unique skin in the Jinx skin family.

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