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Zombie Slayer Pantheon is quite a spooky edition to the Pantheon Champion. The title “zombie slayer” suggests that this skin’s theme is about slaying zombies. This skin was sold for 975 RP making it affordable and cheap. Don’t let its price-tag fool you though, because this isn’t just one of those generic bargain skins; this skin provides the player an insane amount of value with its new model, and awesome particle effects.

Zombie Slayer Pantheon in detail

It has a fun-design to it. The skin itself has a really cool, and well-designed mask, that I personally think fits the “Zombie Slayer” theme well. Another thing that I like is the “warrior-like” armor that ZPS has. Zombie Slayer Pantheon gives pantheon a brand new model, making this skin very unique. On top of that, it gets new particles, new sounds, and new animations. It is a very unique skin compared to the rest of the Pantheon’s skins. Having new animations, sounds, and particles, and a unique design make it a well-made skin.

Is this skin worth it?

ZSP is now a legacy skin, therefore obtainability is extremely difficult. If you can somehow manage to obtain it, however, then I highly recommend this skin, since it is a one-of-a-kind skin in the Pantheon skin family. This is definetly a skin you don’t want to pass up on if you see it around. Although Pantheon has other good skin options, none can compare to Zombie Slayer Pantheon.

All of the promises made by Ruthless Pantheon are fulfilled by Zombie Slayer Pantheon. You’ve got a Mohawk, a nice motorcycle helmet, and a chainsaw strapped to a stick on your person. If it isn’t the finest spear substitute, I’m not sure what is. It only gets better! When you have your passive active or ult, there are genuine chainsaw effects. In addition, you have an actual jetpack on your back that you utilize to take flight. I’m sure I raved over the Pantheon fantasy a lot. This weird Mohawk-wearing, chainsaw-wielding, mutant baguette-loving berserker, on the other hand, fits right in with what Pantheon stands for.


In conclusion, ZSP is an excellent choice if you main Pantheon. Although obtaining Zombie Slayer Pantheon is quite of a challenge in itself, the skin is definetly worth the trouble, considering you get so many nice features that make it worth it. Overall I think this a really nice skin choice for Pantheon mains, and a great skin for collectors looking for a nice, and unique skin to add to their arsenal of skins.

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