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A few life hacks and secrets of League of Legends

There is a ring around the inhibitors that tells you how much time is left before it respawns. However, high graphics settings are required to see this. In the game, you can flash a wide wall. It is quite difficult, but possible. A very good escape tool!
In the game, you can place wards through the wall in atypical places. It is difficult, but if you go to the wall and click directly on the waterfall, you will put the ward in the bush.
71 percent of the teams that take the first tower win.
If your champion is stronger at the first level, then you can ambush him in the bushes and play against your opponent.
An early first blood or a good trade will make the lane much easier.
The worst combination of dragons is three air dragons with a win rate of 68.2%. And the best one with a wine rate of 80.3% is fiery, sea and mountain.

/ignore @champion mutes the summoner of that champion, as well as their emotes (joke, taunt, dance, laugh and mastery emote).
Trinket cooldown is affected by Ruby Sightstone. Just a thought.
By obtaining minion aggro and heading into a warded bush, you may see if it is warded. The minions will continue to assault if it is warded; otherwise, they will lose aggro instantly.
Nasus, Leona, and other champions with auto attack-reset abilities may clear wards by themselves with auto, reset, and another auto.
Unnamed Unique Passives stack per item (for example, Mikael’s added shield/heal power, Redemption, Censer, and Forbidden Idol itself), while named passives do not (for example, Chalice’s passive does not stack with Athene’s and Mikael’s).

In the game settings, there is a function to select only champions. Switches to the Tilde key by default. You can leave it unchanged, or you can assign any convenient key. When activated, allows you to deal damage, ignoring tower, creeps and jungle monsters.
You can drag minions into the bushes to check the wards. If they start attacking, there is definitely a ward. Of all the champions, Kassadin will show the most with 3.75%. The closest champion is Yasuo with 1.51%. I don’t know how useful this is, but if you have a team of trolls with these champions, you’ll be more prepared or something.
In the options, you can turn off the prediction of movements to make the game a little more convenient.
Tower defense drops at 14 minutes. This means that when you summon Herold, you will remove more additional golds. If you become invisible and teleport, you will also appear invisible.
There are skills that leap forward like E, Aureliano and others.
If you are playing Tryndamere, you can use W to determine if there is an opponent in the bush. If there is someone there, then the ability lights up. If you stand here, it will be more difficult for the opponent to single out the baron.
For those who don’t know. Abilities can be learned through control. To do this, press control and the ability with which you level up.
You can configure the quick use of skills through shift in the settings.
Anivia’s teleport is not interrupted even if she is in the egg.
In the settings, you can turn off the automatic attack so as not to be visible in the bushes.
12-15 creeps in gold are equal to about one kill.
Using the f1, f2, f3 and further keys makes it easier to move the camera and get information from the map. QSS sometimes saves you from death.
Sometimes, to find out if someone is in the bush, just walk through it. If the champion deviates slightly from the straight line, then there is definitely someone, and he is trying to get around him.
When taking a crab, use any control skill to remove its shield.
At the beginning of the game, you can buy a ward, stop it in the right place, then return to the base and replace it with a magnifying glass. This can be useful for jungler who are strong early in the game.
Ulta Fiora does not work for a clone. This will help in playing against spear champions. Eko can use his ultimate to quickly get back from base to lane.
Use Training Mode to test your ping before moving on to ranked games.
Malzahar is good at mid in silver. Nami is gorgeous in gold, Malphite is the best in platinum.
At the beginning of the game, you can place the creeps so that it is guaranteed to push the lane.
You can turn on timestamps in the settings to see when players have used their abilities and determine the cooldowns of the summoner spells.

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