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Assassin Master Review

Hey gamers, listen up cause we got a big one here! The Assassin Master Yi skin for League of Legends set off the virtual streets on fire when it dropped way back on December 17, 2009. Unbelievable that was fourteen years ago now! This was one of the first-ever skins released and whether you’re a huge fan of this badass Wuju Bladesman or can’t help but collect all those sick skins, boy do I have some details that you’ll wanna hear about. So let’s jump into it – ready to take an exciting ride through Assassin Master Yi’s world? Here we go!


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Master Yi – the Keeper of Wuju and an oh-so-mysterious warrior from Ionia‘s magical land. He lives and breathes ancient martial art, on a quest to master his own abilities as well as sense those of his opponent. Quite simply put, this guy is a total kick-ass sniper when it comes to annihilating foes – originally he sought to preserve Wuju but look at him now! His movements are swift like lightning and skilled with razor-sharp accuracy. Packed with hints of courage and power, Master Yi has no worries about taking down enemies on Summoner’s Rift. He’ll give them more than just something to think about!

Concept and Inspiration

Assassin Master Yi is one of the pioneer skins to join the League of Legends arena. Sporting a dazzling yellow blade that commands attention, this skin was crafted to encapsulate everyone’s favorite Wuju Bladesman – equipped with sleek minimal armor and downplayed colors, radiating modernity with a subtle ninja edge. His dashing look truly adds an eye-catching spin to his already awesome aesthetic!

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

assassin master yi turn

Cool and contemporary, that’s what Master Yi brought to the table this time around. Folks were loving his sleek ninja-inspired new aesthetic that stayed true to his iconic look – no need to reinvent the wheel here but it definitely worked! He rocked up like a black ninja commando in something special; not forgetting the awesome armor too which made him look even more impressive. All around, quite a feast for the eyes! His visors remind me a lot of visors of another martial arts skin – Pax Jax. The sword of Master Yi could have a luminous glow or even be surrounded by a captivating green aura – it’s guaranteed these extra touches really shook things up when they were first introduced way back in 2009. Amazing! The only slight hitch in the punch is that the this-worldly color palette might not sync with the more flashy vintage looks, but no biggy – it still ain’t puttin’ a damper on da joy of usin’ this skin!

Special Characteristics Wow! Big-time changes for Master Yi are on the horizon – a dramatically different model and an all-new look for his sword. It’s gotta be exciting to see what these cool new upgrades bring him! Wuju Style’s gotten a new look with these fun auto-attack particles! They give off such a lively vibe, making it the perfect way to show off your skill in battle. It’s like they’ve given this classic style an exciting makeover – one that’ll surely leave your opponents astonished! Ah, the classic skin – a nostalgic gem! But look again and you might just find yourself impressed by its refreshingly revamped visuals. No need for any additional animation or sound here; this updated look is rewarding enough on its own.

Obtainability in 2023

Assassin Master Yi is still available in the in-game store at the lowest price possible, 390 Riot Points. You can also buy this skin in the Smurfmania store.

Gamers Feedback

After rework of the Assassin Master Yi skin, many have noticed that it now looks great. I’ll attach below some feedback from real League of Legends players:

“Anyone else thinks this is the coolest-looking skin now?”

“Wow, that recolor actually looks good now!”

“I want this skin with the lightsaber from chosen yi would be epic…”

“To be honest this is the best Yi skin in my opinion.”

“It’s AN AMAZING skin for only 390! I get it.”

“Why does one of the cheapest skins in this game look so cool?”

My Feedback

Does a skin cost 390 Riot Points without discounts, not enough? Just think about it, Riot made him a rework! I can’t help but like this skin, because so many things in my League of Legends career are connected to it. So many ups and downs he went through with me. A true legend! Looks even better after rework.

Conclusion and Rating

No other skin has ever been so associated with its champion as Assassin Master Yi! Everyone who’s played that champion for more than a week probably has one. It’s nice when you get an alternate skin for so few Riot Points, why not do the same with all the other champions? I can’t seriously rate this legendary skin, so I give it a score of 10 out of 10!


What is Assassin Master Yi in League of Legends?

Assassin Master Yi skin for the champion Master Yi, released on December 17, 2009. It was inspired by the Ninja movies and stories.

How can I get the Assassin Master Yi skin in 2023?

The skin is available in the League of Legends in-game store for 390 Riot Points and in the Smurfmania store.

What do LoL players and the reviewer think of the Assassin Master Yi skin?

Assassin Master Yi is an absolute legend in the world of League of Legends! It’s probably the most widespread and loved by many players skin. I gave this legend a score of 10 out of 10!