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Atlantean Fizz Review

Greetings, fellow summoners! Today I’m bursting with excitement to take you all on a captivating journey into the marvelous world of Atlantean Fizz. Released on November 15, 2011, it’s a remarkable skin with an elegant and enthralling appearance that’s sure to wow all. So let us explore its amazing story, design, and features – after all, these are some of the reasons why League of Legends gamers adore it!


atlantean fizz splash art

As we begin our adventure of exploring the history of Atlantean Fizz, let us imagine a world with the city of Atlantis, the stories of which are passed down in memories passed down through generations. “When I was just a tyke,” my grandpa would tell me stories about this remarkable place; they struck such awe into me! He could recall it in fantastic detail. Temples towering ashore and a vast underwater army led by their belovèd General FIZZ. Seeing that lost realm now still brings shivers down my spine – it has become nothing more than silent ruins.

Concept and Inspiration

Fizz’s Atlantean Fizz offers a captivating twist on the original beloved look. This skin features two magnificent renditions. One with dashing armor that gives him a real edgy look, and another version where he reveals his true self minus any protection. Though it doesn’t completely alter his iconic form, it adds something special to it. The sleek design of the armor and trident radiates a terrific vibe, giving Fizz a darker look than before. Even Chomper, our sidekick, got the protective gear, a terrific addition to the whole package! In general, all the skins in the Atlantean line look rather gloomy, including Atlantean Syndra.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

atlantean fizz turn

The design of Atlantean Fizz is point-on for capturing the wonders of the deep sea! A golden helmet with shell patterns so mesmerizing, you can almost feel the magical ambiance radiating from his trident – crafted out of perfectly-fitting materials. Even Chomper, Fizz’s adventurous aquatic buddy, gets some treatments in gold decorations. Ahh, such a sight to behold!

Unique features

No doubt, Atlantean Fizz’s remarkable characteristics go far beyond its eye-catching aesthetic! Let’s dive into what makes this skin stand out from the rest. Fizz was fit to be a king in his golden armor – a perfect symbol of the royal, ancient Atlantean heritage he holds. No finer detail went unnoticed: the intricate shell patterns swirled around him in regal splendor, emerging from each curve like ripples upon the mystical waves that make up his story. For one glance and you’d know this wasn’t any armor–he truly wore something special with pride! Behold, Fizz’s marvelous trident! With its mesmerizing golden hues and intricate design, it tantalizes the eye. As far as showpieces go on the battlefield– this shiny beauty can’t be beaten; an enchanting centerpiece worthy of admiration. Fizz’s faithful companion, Chomper, gets an upgrade too! With added armor accents he looks even cuter and compliments Fizz’s gorgeous Atlantean look. Seriously so sweet – makes you want to go “awwww”! No finer detail went unnoticed! The intricate shell patterns swirled around him in regal splendor, emerging from each curve like ripples upon the mystical waves that make up his story. Indeed a captivating pastime, creating an unforgettable experience for your leisure!

Obtainability in 2023

The skin is available in the in-game store for a nice price of 520 Riot Points, you can save by waiting for a discount. Also, offers a wide range of accounts with Atlantean Fizz for an even better price!

Gamers Feedback

“C’mon guys, we all know we buy the skin based on the shark xD”
“Really nice skin! I bought it yesterday. 9/10”
“Its the cutest skin ever :3 Those eyes *_*”
“Best Fizz skin.”
“I’m waiting to buy it :D”

My Feedback

What can I say about the cutest skin for 520 Riot Points? Nothing! Such nice splash art, and such a beautiful champion model, that you can’t believe it’s so cheap. Of course, I bought it for my inventory, and I wish you guys would too! A solid, complete image, which even without animations can do 100 percent! This skin is a frequent guest on Rift, which only proves the fact that it is a very popular skin.

Conclusion and Rating

I can definitely say that Atlantean Fizz is a worthy example of low-cost skin. Despite the lack of new animations and sound accompaniment, this skin gives a lot of positive emotions to its owners, including me. If you’re looking for a decent replacement for the classic Fizz skin, Atlantean Fizz is a great option. I give this skin a score of 8 out of 10 and consider it a good buy for my collection. I also recommend that you wait for a discount on it in the store and then you can get it for an even better price.


What is the Atlantean Fizz skin in League of Legends?
Atlantean Fizz is a skin for the champion Fizz, released on November 15, 2011. The inspiration for this skin was the legends of Atlantis.
How can I get Atlantean Fizz in 2023?
You can get Atlantean Fizz from the League of Legends store for 520 Riot Points or from stores such as Smurfmania.
What do LoL players and the reviewer think of Atlantean Fizz?
Atlantean Fizz is a very popular skin that a lot of players all over Rift like. I gave the skin a rating of 8 out of 10 for its great look and nicely low price.