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Atlantean Syndra

Rarity: Regular

Price: 975 Riot Points

Release Date: April 29, 2014

Concept: Syndra is an ocean witch.

Model: New models and textures for Syndra

Particles: New particles for Atlantean Syndra’s spheres and automatic attacks, as well as its abilities.

Animations: A new run and recall animation.

Sounds: New water sounds for Atlantean Syndra’s abilities, automatic attack, ridicule, joke, laughter and memories.

Is it possible to buy Atlantean Syndra in the game? Yes!

“The Atlanteans were skilled in magic, and we know that this is true. But the scale of their power is truly incomprehensible … to this day we cannot know whether they survived in some forgotten corner of the world, revived by the dark creature that captured them once proud city. ” ”
To be fair, Syndra is gorgeous, but the water motif feels like it was slapped on top of her demeanour rather than integrated into her. Finally, Atlantean Syndra appears to be a surface skin: it gives the Dark Sovereign a new aquatic motif but doesn’t completely change her into a water sorceress. Nonetheless, it does a decent job of conveying its message, and the graphics, despite their lack of effect, are unusual and appealing. Despite its shortcomings, it’s a delightful alternative for lovers of the Dark Sovereign due to the constancy of the skin and the aesthetic and auditory upgrades.

How to get Atlantean Syndra in 2022?

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