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Everything You Need to Know about Champion skin

Hey there, fellow gamers! If you’ve ever played League of Legends, you’ve probably come across the term “champion skin.” But what exactly does it mean? Well, let me break it down for you. In this article, we will discuss the concept of skins, the various types available, the quantity of skins in the game, and other relevant details.

What is Champion Skin


A champion skin refers to a special alternate appearance or color scheme for your favorite League of Legends champion. It’s like giving your champion a whole new look and style to stand out on the battlefield. Every skin has its own special look and artwork, and some skins also change how champions’ abilities look and sound (the price varies based on these changes). Chroma just gives a different color scheme to an existing champion skin or model.

These skins can be obtained in various ways, but most of them are available for purchase from the Riot Store using RP (Riot Points). However, some skins are only available for a limited time, making them extra special and highly sought after. So, if you want to make your champion look even more epic, keep an eye out for those limited-time offerings.

League of Legends Skin Categories

Now that you know what champion skins are, let’s dive into the different categories of skins available in League of Legends. Each category offers its own unique features and style, allowing you to customize your champion to your heart’s content. So, without further ado, let’s check them out:

  • Ultimate Skin (3250 RP / 2775 RP)

These skins are the crème de la crème when it comes to champion customization. Ultimate skins completely reimagine the champion and bring something entirely new and unexpected to the game. They come with new models that evolve into different forms, fresh textures, stunning splash images, unique animations, visual effects, voice-overs, and sound effects. With a total of six ultimate skins in the game, these gems are truly one-of-a-kind.

  • Mythic Skins (10 Rare Gemstones)

If you’re looking for skins that are on par with epic quality, then the mythic skins are for you. These exclusive skins can be purchased from the Mythic Shop or obtained from Mystery Mythic Skin Shard Tokens. They can also drop from loot or be obtained through re-rolls. One noteworthy mythic skin is Neo PAX Sivir, which is currently retired from loot but may make a return in the future. With a collection of 18 mythic skins available, you’re bound to find something that suits your taste.

  • Prestige Edition Skins

Want to show off your dedication and style? Prestige edition skins are the way to go. These variations of existing skins come with unique borders, splashes, and VFX (Visual Effects). Some prestige skins are event-specific, requiring a certain number of tokens to redeem, while others can be crafted using Mythic Essence. Similar to mythic skins, prestige edition skins can be obtained through loot or re-rolls. With 27 prestige edition skins available, you can truly make a statement on the battlefield.

  • Legendary Skins (1820 RP)

When it comes to complete champion reimaginations, legendary skins take the cake. These skins offer total immersion in the fantasy world of League of Legends. With a new model, textures, splash images, animations, visuals, voice-overs, and sounds, these skins bring your champion to life in ways you’ve never seen before. With a whopping 89 legendary skins to choose from, you’re sure to find one that captures your imagination.

  • Epic Skins (1350 RP)

If you’re looking for drastic changes to your champion’s appearance, epic skins are the way to go. These skins breathe life into the fantasy of your champion with new models, textures, splash images, animations, visual effects, and sometimes even voice processing. As the game evolves, almost every new skin released will be at the epic tier or above. With an impressive collection of 719 epic skins, the options are virtually endless.

  • Standard Skins (975 RP)

Pushing the boundaries of a simple costume change, standard skins offer a more immersive experience for your champion. Along with new models and textures, these skins often include new animations, visual effects, and sounds that fit the theme. However, keep in mind that only a limited number of standard skins will be released in the future, so grab them while you can. With 292 standard skins available, you’ll have plenty of choices to make your champion shine.

  • Deluxe Skins (750 RP)

Looking for a straightforward “costume change” for your champion? Deluxe skins are just what you need. These skins come with model changes, new textures, splash images, and sometimes even new animations and visual effects. Although deluxe tier skins may not appear frequently in the future, they still offer a unique style for your champion. Unbound Thresh is a prime example of a deluxe skin that was released recently. With 130 deluxe skins to choose from, you’ll have options to give your champion a fresh look.

  • Classic Skins (390 – 520 RP)

For those who prefer simplicity, classic skins provide a fresh take on your champion’s appearance. These skins offer texture changes and new splash images, sometimes accompanied by small model alterations. Keep in mind that visual updates and champion relaunches may improve the quality of these skins, but their prices remain unchanged. You won’t find any new skins in the Timeworn tier in the future. With 165 classic skins available, you can give your champion a timeless touch.

  • Chroma Skins (290 RP)

If you’re looking to add some color to your champion, chroma skins are the perfect choice. These skins offer new textures that provide a unique color palette for your champion. In some cases, chroma skins also affect other models related to the champion, such as summoned units or emote entities. With approximately 2750 chroma skins available, you can mix and match to create a stunning and personalized appearance.

  • Legacy Skins (Not Available)

Some skins hold a special place in League of Legends history and are considered legacy skins. These skins are not available for regular purchase, often due to limited editions or being tied to seasonal or special events. However, they can still be obtained through mystery gifting and can be found in a champion’s information tab if owned. The Legacy Vault occasionally opens up for limited runs, allowing players to purchase these highly sought-after skins. With 322 legacy skins in the game, they truly embody the essence of exclusivity.

  • Unavailable Skins (Not Available)

Lastly, we have ultra-rare and elusive skins that cannot be obtained through conventional means. These skins, including PAX Jax, Victorious Janna, and Black Alistar, are considered collector’s items and can only be seen in a champion’s information tab if owned. Their scarcity adds to their desirability among dedicated collectors and enthusiasts. With 27 unavailable skins in the game, spotting one is like finding a treasure.

League of Legends Skin Themes

pentakill theme lol

League of Legends is known for its diverse and creative skin themes, which immerse players in alternate realities and bring a fresh look to their favorite champions. These skin themes, also known as “Skin Lines,” feature a group of champions together in a unique setting. To make a champion skin theme memorable, it needs to have a strong and distinct world, champions that fit well in that world, and well-designed skins. Luckily, League of Legends has an expansive lore, providing a solid foundation for these alternate realities. Let’s dive into some of the most popular champion skin themes in the game.


Pentakill is a legendary skin theme that forms one of the three alternate universe bands in League of Legends. This theme revolves around the power of heavy metal music, with the grim reaper champion, Karthus, leading the vocals for the band. The popularity of Pentakill led to the release of two separate albums featuring metal tracks inspired by the skin theme. Recently, Riot Games even added the Ruined King, Viego, to Pentakill, making it even more epic. With its high fantasy heavy metal vibe, Pentakill truly captures the essence of a headbanging experience, and the designs brilliantly incorporate musical instruments into the champions’ appearances.


Step into the futuristic world of PROJECT, a skin theme set in a cyberpunk city where champions are augmented with cybernetic enhancements and AI technology. This theme has been revisited multiple times, with 17 champions currently belonging to the PROJECT line, along with related champion skin lines like Program. The cyberpunk influence is strongly evident in the sleek designs, unique weapons, and color palettes used for each champion. While some may argue that champions in this theme share similarities, it’s actually a boon for fans who adore the cyberpunk style. Every new PROJECT skin is a success, ensuring that there are no weak links in the lineup. The theme’s popularity continues to grow with each new release.

How Many Skins Are in League of Legends

lol skins number

League of Legends is no stranger to an ever-expanding collection of skins. With each passing month, Riot Games introduces new skins for various champions, constantly adding to the plethora of options available. Some champions, especially the popular ones, are blessed with dozens of skins, allowing players to personalize their gameplay experience. Let’s take a look at a few interesting facts about the number of skins in League of Legends.

As of July 2023, there are a staggering 1,549 skins in the game. This includes a wide range of champion skin types, from thematic skins to limited edition and legendary skins. One champion who stands out in the skin department is Miss Fortune. She holds the record for the most skins, boasting an impressive total of 19 unique skins. That’s a lot of variety for players who love playing as the Bounty Hunter. It’s worth noting that some skins are not entirely new designs but rather chromas, which offer slight adjustments such as different colors.

And a little more about the numbers! While Miss Fortune reigns supreme with the most skins, champions like Sivir and Warwick possess some of the rarest skins in the game. Both currently have three skins that are considered rare gems among the League of Legends community. On the flip side, there are champions with a limited number of skins. Bel’Veth, Rell, Renata Glasc, Vex, and Naafiri each have only one skin, making them quite unique in their own right.

Some Interesting Facts About LoL Skins

  1. In the vast sea of skins available, some stand out as iconic and beloved among players. Assassin Master Yi is considered one of the most popular skins of all time. With its affordable price tag of 390 RP, it became a go-to choice for many players, especially those who were just starting their League of Legends journey. The combination of its affordability and the popularity of Master Yi as a champion contributed to its widespread use.
  2. Another notable mention goes to Primetime Draven and Surprise Party Fiddlesticks, both of which were released as Legendary skins. Legendary skins hold a special place in the hearts of players as they offer unique features and effects. These skins are permanently on sale for 975 RP, making them accessible to a wide range of players. Adding Primetime Draven and Surprise Party Fiddlesticks to your collection will give you a sense of owning something truly special.
  3. League of Legends also has a fascinating trend of releasing skin variants. For example, Championship Riven 2016 and Urfwick were created as variants of previously limited edition skins. These variants allow Riot Games to reintroduce highly coveted skins while still preserving the prestige of the original versions. Additionally, Lancer Paragon Blitzcrank and Lancer Rogue Blitzcrank were the first pair of skins released concurrently as variants of each other. Players who owned one of the skins could enjoy a 30% discount when purchasing the other.
  4. One champion skin that holds a special place in League of Legends history is PAX Twisted Fate. Released in 2009 during the PAX Prime event, this skin is often regarded as the rarest skin in the game. It was given out as a celebration of League of Legends’ release, and its scarcity has made it highly sought after by collectors and avid players alike.

League of Legends champions and their skins offer endless possibilities for personalization and visual flair. Whether you’re rocking a high fantasy heavy metal look with Pentakill or embracing the futuristic cyberpunk vibes of PROJECT, there’s a skin theme to suit every taste. With the growing number of skins and ongoing creativity from Riot Games, players can continue to enjoy an ever-expanding world of cosmetic options for their favorite champions. So go ahead, explore the countless skins, and unleash your unique style on the Summoner’s Rift!