An unmatched specialist of deadly shadow enchantment, Shieda Kayn fights to accomplish his actual fate to one day lead the Order of Shadow into another period of Ionian incomparability. He employs the conscious darkin weapon Rhaast, determined by its crawling defilement of his body and psyche. There are just two potential results: either Kayn twists the weapon to his will… or on the other hand, the malignant sharp edge consumes him totally, making him ready for the obliteration of all Runeterra.

Kayn is an expert of shadow enchantment, fighting to arrive at his fate of bringing the Order of the Shadow into Ionian incomparability. He employs a conscious “Darkin” weapon, called Rhaast, resolute by the weapon’s crawling debasement of his body and psyche. During each game, either He or Rhaast will consume the other.

Kayn lives to sharpen his shadow abilities by hunting ran champions, while Rhaast powers his bloodlust by confronting scuffle foes. In the event that He wins, he rises to turn into the shadow professional killer. In the meantime, on the off chance that Rhaast wins, the Darkin will consume his host and become the dominant focal point.



Kayn is one of a handful of the full-slayer Junglers in League of Legends and can take both playstyles of slayers, making him one of a kind.

He can be either an all-out professional killer or skirmisher. It relies upon which structure he takes. As a shadow professional killer, He can bargain weighty burst harm while remaining quick.

In the meantime, in the Skirmisher structure, Rhaast assumes command over Kayn. When here, Kayn exchanges his quick professional killer playstyle to acquire fast mending, weighty actual harm, and safeguard.



THE DARKIN SCYTHE– Kayn uses an old weapon and battles Rhaast, the darkin inside it, for control. Either the Darkin will win, or Kayn will dominate Rhaast and become the Shadow Assassin. Darkin: Heal for a level of spell harm managed to champions. Shadow Assassin: For an initial couple of moments in battle with adversary champions, bargain reward harm.

REAPING SLASH– Kayn runs, then, at that point, cuts. Both arrangements harm. While utilizing Reaping Slash, He will run in an objective course, causing actual harm to adversary units he goes through prior to swinging his sickle. At the point when he swings his weapon, Kayn will bargain similar harm to local foes. Moreover, the two occurrences of Reaping Slash will incur 40 reward harm against foe beasts and flunkies.

BLADE’S REACH– Kayn harms and eases back focuses in a line. While utilizing this ability, He will play out a vertical range involving his sickle in an objective heading, causing actual harm to all close by adversaries in a line. Also, it can dial them back by 90% up to 1.5 seconds. Shadow Assassin: When here, Blade’s Reach range is expanded up to 200 units. Furthermore, He will invoke a non-targetable living shadow at the projecting situation to play out its range over 0.55 seconds.

SHADOW STEP– Kayn can stroll through the territory. When initiated, Kayn will acquire 40% reward development speed, ghosting, and overlook territory impacts for 1.5 seconds assuming he was in battle with an adversary champion inside the most recent 3 seconds. While Shadow Step is active, He can recuperate himself after traveling through territory interestingly, acquiring blocked vision while inside. While getting or managing harm to an adversary champion while Shadow Step is active, it diminishes the leftover 1.5 seconds. Furthermore, the impact can’t stay dynamic out of the territory for longer than 1.5 seconds and will immediately drop on the off chance that Kayn plays out an essential assault.

UMBRAL TRESPASS– He stows away in an adversary’s body, managing huge harm when he blasts out.



  1. Kayn was brought by Zed up in the Shadow Order after Zed and the other request individuals coincidentally found Kayn during the Noxian attack of Ionia. He is likewise Zed’s #1 understudy and was picked by Zed himself to be the following Shadow Order’s chief should something happen to him. While he needs to fight Zed, in the end, he is faithful to him and didn’t sell out him when Zed got back from Piltover to face the head of the Navori Brotherhood.
  2. Kayn, Zed, and a few individuals from the Shadow Order were gone after by Jhin.
  3. Kayn might really like Akali. Akali knows Kayn and tracks down him as hot yet excessively insane for her taste.


  1. Kayn is around 20 years of age. He was ‘something like 10’ when Zed had taken him into The Order of The Shadows Crest.jpg Shadow Order.
  2. Rhaast is somewhere in the range of 3496 and 4396 years of age.
  3. The blue streak in Kayn’s hair is the aftereffect of utilizing Rhaast.
  4. In Zed: Issue 6 it is uncovered that’s Rhaast’s debasement of Kayn’s left arm can be returned to ordinary by either Rhaast’s or alternately Kayn’s will.

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