Seriously bashful, the fae grovels Lillia restlessly meanders Ionia’s backwoods. Concealing barely away from humans whose strange qualities have long enthralled them, however, scared, her-Lillia desires to find the reason why their fantasies never again arrive at the antiquated Dreaming Tree. She currently voyages Ionia with a mysterious branch close by, with an end goal to track down individuals’ undiscovered dreams. Really at that time would Lillia herself be able to sprout and help other people unravel their apprehensions to track down the radiance inside. Eep!

Warriors approach weighty and ceaseless harm or DPS, bringing adversaries down very close. One of the most up-to-date warrior classes and skirmish who went fight mages in League of Legends is Lillia. Lillia is a timid fae grovel meandering around Ionia’s lavish backwoods. She hangs away from humans, whose secretive nature has enamored her at this point frightened her all of the time.

Lillia wishes to find the reason why the humans’ fantasies never again arrive at Ionia’s old Dreaming Tree. Presently, in view of a mission, Lillia traversed Ionia with a supernatural branch close by to track down individuals’ hidden dreams-to help herself blossom and unwind others of their apprehensions!



In the mystical spot of Ionia, you’ll track down enchantment all through the land, and there’s one specific woodland that sticks out, which is additionally the home of the Dreaming Tree that assembles mankind’s fantasies in its blossoms. Lillia was brought into the world from this tree. Lillia is a modest and touchy fae grovel that meanders Ionia’s woodlands. She tended the buds and found out about the domain of the humans through them.

Captivated by individuals and spots she saw through the Dreaming Tree, she made it her central goal to safeguard these fantasies and reestablish them with the people who lost them. With an otherworldly branch close by, she left the Dreaming tree and dared to the universe of people.

She presently assists individuals’ fantasies with being brought into the world by empowering them to understand their most profound wishes. In spite of the fact that murkiness might be crawling upon Ionia again, underneath it lies the natural light of trust. Yet again conquering the world and overcoming herself, Lillia pushes ahead to unwind its explodes and assist with peopling dreams calmly.



Lillia is a slim Fae Fawn, with caramel fur, long hair with an unmistakable range of lilac and blue, enormous ears, and four deer legs. She doesn’t wear garments, simply a plain top made of leaves with a green range. The most particular decoration on her clothing is the blossom bud on her head. She additionally has the supernatural branch close by. In spite of seeming to be like a Vastaya, Lillia isn’t one.


DREAM-LADEN BOUGH– Hitting a boss or beast with an ability will bargain extra max Health harm after some time.

BLOOMING BLOWS– Inactively, Lillia gains stacking Move Speed while hitting foes with spells. She can initiate this to bargain enchantment harm to local adversaries, managing additional genuine harm on the edge.

WATCH OUT! EEP!– Lillia bargains harm in a close by region, managing weighty harm in the middle. This dynamic ability allows Lillia to run up to 150 units before an objective area over 0.7 seconds, managing wizardry harm in a similar region. It’ll incur foe units hit inside the middle with 200% expanded harm. Notwithstanding, Lillia can’t go through territories with Watch Out! Eep!

SWIRLSEED– Lillia heaves a seed that harms and eases back those it lands on. On the off chance that it hits nothing, it will keep moving until it reaches a stopping point or target. When actuated, Lilli will hurl a seed at an objective area that moves onward endlessly. The “seed” will then explode when it crashes into a foe unit or landscape, causing wizardry harm to adversaries in a cone. Swirlseed can likewise ease back foe units as long as 3 seconds and uncover them for 2 seconds. Lillia can project at a maximum reach whenever cast past that.

LILTING LULLABY– Lillia makes all foes with Dream Dust on them become Drowsy prior to nodding off. Those foes will take additional harm on being persuasively awakened.


  • Lillia was brought into the world from the Dreaming Tree’s longings to have a specialist or defender of sorts, so it’s truly conceivable that the tree longed for the God-Willow’s past defenders, being the antiquated Vastayashai’rei.
    • This might make sense of her Vastaya-like appearance in spite of being a remarkable being discrete from the Vastaya, as her appearance depends on the fantasies of the Dreaming Tree.

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