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Mecha Kingdoms Garen Skin

Mecha Kingdoms Garen – a skin released in 2019 that shares its series with such skins:
-Mecha Kingdoms Leona
-Mecha Kingdoms Jax
-Mecha Kingdoms Draven
-Mecha Kingdoms Sett

A knight in shining armor – this is how you can describe this skin for Garen. The visual style of the skin is interesting, and a large number of bright effects make it unforgettable. Thus, the visual appearance of the skin is fantastic. The Garen armor is made in white and gold colors and resembles medieval armor. His sword glows blue and seems to crush everything in its path.

The animation of the movement is interesting enough. The Garen skin can fly to its target with the help of sore engines attached to the back. It first spins up and then starts spinning around causing damage with its sword.

How to get Mecha Kingdoms Garen in 2020?

Garen is an epic skin. This means that you can purchase it in the game store at any convenient time.
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