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Nunu & Willump Bot Review

Hey there, fellow summoners! Today, we’re diving into the electrifying world of League of Legends skins, and our focus is on none other than the legendary “Nunu & Willump Bot” skin. This robotic duo is ready to hit the Rift in style, and we’re here to explore everything this skin has to offer. From its release date to its unique features, we’ll cover it all. So, buckle up and let’s get started!


In the distant future of 20XX, the world is under the iron grip of RiotCorp, a powerful and sinister robotic corporation. In the midst of this mechanized world, a young mechanic sets out on an extraordinary journey, building his very own battling bots using mysterious code from a forgotten video game and heaps of scrap materials. With his trusty companion, a giant orange and white robot named Willump, by his side, they compete in the corporate-sanctioned Rift Wars for fame and glory. Together, they’re a force to be reckoned with, and their adventures are only just beginning.

Concept and Inspiration

The “Nunu & Willump Bot” skin takes inspiration from a Disney/Pixar movie with its charming and whimsical design. Willump is transformed into a lovable orange and white robot, carrying Nunu on his back as they embark on thrilling adventures. The robotic duo radiates an aura of camaraderie and mischief, making them an adorable sight on the battlefield.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

nunu willump bot

Willump, the lovable Yeti, now sports a cute metallic body with rubber-covered arms and legs equipped with wheels. His face, displayed on a computer screen, beautifully conveys different emotions, adding a touch of personality to his robotic form. Whenever Nunu activates his “Call of the Freljord” ability, he gleefully bounces off Willump’s back with each auto-attack, reminiscent of riding a galloping horse.

But that’s not all! Nunu’s iconic giant snowball undergoes a tech-savvy transformation, turning into a large orb filled with emoticons that alternate between happy, neutral, and sad expressions as it rolls. And to add some flair, flame boosters shoot from Nunu’s feet, propelling the orb towards unsuspecting enemies. If that doesn’t make you grin, wait until you see “Snowball Barrage,” where enemy champions are marked with a cheeky smiley face before meeting their icy doom.

The ultimate, “Absolute Zero,” takes this skin to the next level. A fiery countdown timer appears on Willump’s screen as he tries to rush it to zero. Once it reaches its fiery climax, the ground erupts in flames, dealing damage to nearby foes. This explosive display is truly a sight to behold!

And let’s not forget the classic robot voice filter, adding that extra touch of authenticity to the “Nunu & Willump Bot” experience. With a plethora of cool emotes this skin ensures there’s never a dull moment on the Rift.

Unique Features

  • Willump’s transformation into a charming orange and white robot with adorable animations.
  • Nunu joyfully bounced on Willump’s back during auto-attacks, exuding excitement.
  • The giant snowball orb is filled with emoticons, spreading smiles or frowns as it rolls.
  • Marking enemy Champions with a cheeky smiley face before unleashing “Snowball Barrage.”
  • The fiery countdown and explosive impact of “Absolute Zero,” left enemies scorched.
  • Classic robot voice filter and an array of cool emotes to enhance the gameplay experience.

How to Get It in 2023

The “Nunu & Willump Bot” skin can be yours to show off on the Rift. Simply head over to the League of Legends store and grab it for 1820 RP. If you’re looking to stand out with this legendary skin, don’t hesitate to visit, where you can find a wide selection of skins, including this fan-favorite one!

My Feedback

As an avid gamer who has had the pleasure of using the “Nunu & Willump Bot” skin, I can confidently say that this skin truly lives up to its legendary status. From the moment I laid eyes on the charming robotic duo, I was smitten by their adorable design. The attention to detail is superb, especially with Willump’s computer screen face, which dynamically displays a range of emotions, adding a delightful touch of personality.

What really impressed me were the animations and sound effects. Riding on Willump’s back during auto-attacks never gets old, and it’s a pure joy to watch Nunu gleefully bounce around. The transformed giant snowball, with its rotating emoticons and flame boosters, adds a whole new level of fun to Nunu’s gameplay.

The ultimate ability, “Absolute Zero,” is a showstopper. The dramatic countdown on Willump’s screen, followed by the explosive eruption of flames, is simply epic. It never fails to leave a lasting impression on my opponents and teammates alike.

The voiceover with the classic robot filter is the icing on the cake, making the whole experience feel authentic and delightful. The variety of emotes available ensures that you’ll always have a way to express yourself on the battlefield.

Conclusion and Rating

In conclusion, “Nunu & Willump Bot” is undoubtedly a skin that takes the classic Nunu & Willump model and gives it a futuristic robotic twist. The love and care put into this skin’s design, animations, and sound effects make it one of the best skins I’ve encountered in terms of quality and enjoyment.

For fans of robots and the heartwarming story of a Boy and his Yeti, “Nunu & Willump Bot” is an absolute must-have. It transforms the lovable duo into a charming and entertaining mechanical team that you won’t be able to resist.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I give the “Nunu & Willump Bot” skin a solid 8. It’s an appealing and evocative skin that brings joy to every game. So, if you’re a fan of Nunu & Willump or just love creative and fun skins, don’t miss out on this gem. Head over to or the League of Legends store and get ready to showcase your futuristic flair on the Rift! Happy gaming!


What is the “Nunu & Willump Bot” skin in League of Legends?

The “Nunu & Willump Bot” skin is a legendary skin that transforms Nunu and Willump into a charming robotic duo set in the distant future of 20XX. They compete in the corporate-sanctioned Rift Wars, and the skin features unique animations, sound effects, and voiceover with a classic robot filter.

When was the “Nunu & Willump Bot” skin released?

The release date of the “Nunu & Willump Bot” skin is not mentioned in the article. However, it’s available for purchase in the League of Legends store.

What are the unique features of the “Nunu & Willump Bot” skin?

The skin features Willump transformed into a lovable orange and white robot with a dynamic face on a computer screen that displays various emotions. Nunu joyfully bounces on Willump’s back during auto attacks. The giant snowball orb rolls with emoticons that alternate expressions. “Snowball Barrage” marks enemy Champions with a smiley face before the attack. “Absolute Zero” has a dramatic countdown on Willump’s screen, followed by an explosive eruption of flames.

How can I get the “Nunu & Willump Bot” skin in League of Legends?

To obtain the “Nunu & Willump Bot” skin, you can visit the League of Legends store and purchase it for 1820 RP. Alternatively, you may find it available on external skin-selling platforms like

What’s the overall rating and feedback for the “Nunu & Willump Bot” skin?

The “Nunu & Willump Bot” skin receives high praise for its charming design, animations, sound effects, and voiceover. Players enjoy the dynamic emotions displayed on Willump’s face, the joyful animations, and the epic effects of “Absolute Zero.” Overall, it’s considered a must-have skin for fans of Nunu & Willump or those seeking creative and enjoyable skins, with a solid rating of 8 out of 10.