Today we would like to talk about such a truly legendary skin like Pax Sivir

Everyone present at the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) event in 2011 was presented with Riot Games Pax Sivir in the form of activation codes for your account, but do not be surprised, this is already a tradition for developers thanks to which we have a wonderful Pax series of skins.

Thousands of visitors are regularly present at the PAX conference, but not everyone plays League of Legends, so many donated activation codes for Pax Sivir were not used and their expiration date came to an end, which turned out to be a very rare skin (given that it can be was received only at the Pax conference in 2011), and even particularly adventurous visitors could earn up to several hundred dollars on Ebay for one such Pax skin activation code, and, relying on the opinion of the gaming community, this is far from the limit of its cost.

In the beginning, it starts with a boomerang blade that damages the enemy with the cross blade and the boomerang repeats the process to make the action strong. Secondly, PAX Sivir can attack multiply on the attack and then divide that attack to reach its secondary target and damage all the enemies around it. It helps to build a focus on the main target. In addition to this, the spell shield creates protection around itself and builds protection around itself to cancel the effect of the enemy`s attack. Lastly, the Fleet of the foot helps its gain momentum then attack the enemy with all its might and power to destroy the enemy.

This was a special event skin that was given out to the players during the Pax Prime 2011 tournament. It is a careful blend of artistic and futuristic technology and extreme focus that she uses to track down her enemies and hunt them one by one but if the opportunity presents itself to take down all her enemies in a single blow then she won’t hesitate even for a single second.

How to get Pax Sivir in 2022?

So how much does Pax Sivir cost or is it still available for free?

Officially, unfortunately, it’s impossible to get it anymore, but we all understand that its rarity and inaccessibility to the main audience of League of Legends players should be perceived as one of the factors of its price, and attractiveness for players who want to get Pax Sivir in your collection.

As for the activation code, this is a rather rare product, which if it still exists on sale, then for a very high price, but not everything is lost!

It is still possible for you to purchase an account with this Sivir skin activated on it! In our store, you can find accounts available for purchase with a skin that is truly recognizable among most League of legends players on Sivir

The skin is a reference to the Tron movie (original or new, you decide) and transforms Sivir into the gladiator of the gaming arena, where, in addition to incredible battles, everything is presented in stylish blue neon colors that PAX Sivir did not deprive. So if you are a fan of the Tron movie or futuristic design, then this skin is for you!


At the request of fans of a rare skin, Riot Games went to meet the players and released NEO PAX SIVIR as a tribute to the rare and splendor of the original PAX skin, but without distinction, it could not do without.


The new Pax Sivir skin was undoubtedly beautiful, but, unfortunately, it’s not at all what, compared to the original skin and the player on the battlefield, these two skins will undoubtedly be distinguished by obvious signs. The original Pax has a unique color scheme consisting of black, red and neon blue, in contrast to the Neo version, which is made of red blue and gold and looking at these two skins you can immediately see the difference!

But that’s not all, the owners of the original Pax Sivir skin will be automatically automatically added to the Neo Pax account for free and you will become the exclusive owners of both skins.

We remind you that you can buy BOTH skins right away on our website, all accounts have 2 PAX skins at once!

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