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Riot K-9 Nasus Review

Hey there, fellow Summoners! If you’re a Nasus fan and a collector of rare skins, you’re in for a treat! Today, we’re diving deep into the world of Riot K-9 Nasus, a legendary skin that will leave your opponents howling in fear. This skin was unleashed upon the Rift on August 16, 2011, making it a legacy skin that’s highly sought after by avid skin collectors like myself.



Now, let’s uncover the fascinating lore behind this unique skin. Riot K-9 Nasus takes inspiration from the internationally acclaimed police dogs, equipped head to paw in full body armor. He joins forces with other Riot-themed champions like Blitzcrank, Graves, Kayle, and Singed, forming an unstoppable squad of justice.

As for its rarity, “Riot K-9 Nasus” was originally distributed as a special treat during the Gamescom 2011 event. Attendees were rewarded with a redeemable code that unlocked this exclusive skin. Unfortunately, Riot later disabled all coupon codes, making this skin a true gem for collectors. Nowadays, you can only obtain it by acquiring an account that was lucky enough to claim it back in the day.

Concept and Inspiration

Picture Nasus transforming into the ultimate riot police-doberman combo, ready to dispense justice on the Fields of Justice. The concept is both intriguing and creative, bringing to life the image of a formidable aristocrat, turned enforcer of the law. The design showcases major changes to Nasus’s appearance, giving him a fierce, leaner look as he charges forward to enforce the rules.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

The design of “Riot K-9 Nasus” is top-notch, with notable changes to his model and a fresh texture that sets him apart from his other skins. Imagine Nasus donning a riot police officer’s padded armor, offering both protection and style. His trusty halberd transforms into an imposing baton, perfect for maintaining order on the battlefield.

When it comes to sound effects and animations, “Riot K-9 Nasus” doesn’t boast anything new. However, considering it was released back in 2011, during League of Legends‘ early days, it’s understandable that the skin didn’t receive additional effects. Nevertheless, its visual design more than makes up for it.

Unique Features

The most outstanding feature of “Riot K-9 Nasus” lies in its scarcity. Once freely distributed during Gamescom 2011, obtaining this skin now borders on legendary status. Its rarity makes it a must-have for any true Nasus devotee and skin collector. The skin’s exceptional concept and design only add to its desirability.

How to Get It in 2023

Now, let’s address the burning question: “How can I get my paws on this rare gem?” Unfortunately, Riot no longer sells this skin in the store, so don’t expect to find it there. Your best bet is to keep an eye out for accounts that include the elusive “Riot K-9 Nasus” skin, and one such place where you can get lucky is In the Rare Skins section, you can find accounts that have this iconic Riot skins in their inventory.

Gamers Feedback

I remember the the day when the GMs gave away this skin for everyone who logged in that week on our server. i didn’t realize this is rare.

Its the coolest Nasus skin if you dont count with the legendary imo.

I have both, Infernal Nasus and Riot K-9 Nasus, I like both :P.

Go this through mystery gift. I wish there was someway to sell a skin cause I don’t really play Nasus at all.

Reminds me of Doggie Kruger from Power Rangers)

My Feedback

I’ll be honest, fellow summoners, I don’t have “Riot K-9 Nasus” in my main account, but, do I wish I did! This skin is so rare and unavailable that it’s like Nasus himself is chasing a dangerous bad guy on the Rift. Back in the day, the old “Riot K-9 Nasus” looked like a cute stuffed white dog with armor pads. But the skin got a fantastic upgrade, and now it exudes power and authority, making Nasus a force to be reckoned with.

When you see this skin in action during a game, you can’t help but marvel at its uniqueness and stylish design. It’s not just a skin; it’s an experience that elevates Nasus to a whole new level of coolness. If you’re lucky enough to own this gem, trust me, your opponents will be envious as they face off against the fearsome dog enforcer.

Conclusion and Rating

In conclusion, “Riot K-9 Nasus” is more than just a skin; it’s a rare collector’s item that will set your heart pounding and your opponents quaking in their boots. The concept of transforming Nasus into a riot police-doberman is brilliantly executed, and the design leaves no doubt that he means business on the battlefield.

Though the skin lacks new particles, animations, and sounds, it’s forgivable due to its age and the era it was released in. The scarcity and whimsical thematic make up for any shortcomings, especially if you’re a Nasus fan or a devoted skin collector.

For those who love Nasus and dream of adding rare gems to their collection, “Riot K-9 Nasus” is a must-have. If I had to give it a rating, it would be 8 out of 10 for its extraordinary concept and unparalleled rarity.


What is Riot K-9 Nasus skin?

Riot K-9 Nasus is a rare skin in League of Legends, inspired by police dogs in full body armor. It transforms Nasus into a formidable enforcer of justice, wielding a baton-like halberd.

How rare is Riot K-9 Nasus skin?

Riot K-9 Nasus was originally distributed as a special treat during the Gamescom 2011 event. Coupon codes were later disabled, making it a highly sought-after and rare skin for collectors.

How can I obtain Riot K-9 Nasus skin?

Riot no longer sells this skin in the store. The best way to get it is to find accounts that already have the skin. Websites like may offer accounts with the elusive Riot K-9 Nasus skin.

What are the unique features of Riot K-9 Nasus skin?

The skin’s exceptional rarity and concept, transforming Nasus into a fearsome police-doberman, make it highly desirable for Nasus fans and skin collectors alike.

Does Riot K-9 Nasus skin have special effects and animations?

While the skin lacks new particles, animations, and sounds, it makes up for it with its remarkable design and thematic concept, especially considering its age since it was released in 2011.