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Sugar Rush Braum – skin released on November 27, 2019. He shares his line with skins such as:

– El Tigre Braum
– Mafia Braum
– Braum Lionheart
– Santa Braum
– Dragonslayer Braum

Sugar Rush Braum is the protector of Candy Kingdom and its inhabitants. Braum is a warrior of this magical sweet country, and is also part of the Candy Rush theme. He will protect anyone, starting from a little licorice, ending with a candy king. However, none of the residents of Candy Kingdom knows how it turns out that sweets do not get stuck in the huge Braum mustache. Splash art shows us Braum in pursuit of Sugar Rush Evelynn, who stole the candy. He is assisted by Sugar Rush Ziggs, who throws a cake at Evelynn. Braum himself wears a shield, which is a huge waffle with a filling and provides him with a crushing blow in terms of strength and sweetness. In the game, Braum is dressed in a pink candy costume, decorated with various sweets. For example, instead of shoulder straps, he has two huge cookies, and the hat on his head is again a waffle covered with chocolate. Cherry on top completes the dessert! The visual style of the skin looks very nice, and the gray-haired Braum mustache completes the look and creates a good aura around the hero.

Riot also added new particles for the ultimate and Sugar Braum abilities, and also did not forget about the recall animation. Now pink particles and a bunch of sweets are flying at opponents, which looks unusual. Braum also creates a chocolate crack, from which huge waffles emerge that hit opponents. And during the recall, Braum begins to feed the poor hungry poro with sweets. He grows, becoming more and more, until he eats the waffle shield Sugar Rush Braum.

How to get Sugar Rush Braum in 2022?

Sugar Rush Braum is an epic skin. This means that you can purchase a skin in the game store at any convenient time. The skin costs 1350 RP and will appeal to all fans of cooking and food in general, as well as fans of Sugar Rush skins.

Sugar Rush Braum makes sense in certain ways. In League of Legends, the enormous Freljord-hailing warrior is normally a friendly and jovial character, thus sending him to the Candy Kingdom to be candified is an obvious choice. Braum maintains his cheerful demeanour in his new circumstances, as well as his proclivity for defending the helpless. Sugar Rush Braum foregoes his big stone armour in favour of a chocolate-dipped ice cream sandwich. His clothing is based on the Candy Kingdom’s purple and pink pastels, and his ice cream cone helmet and pure white moustache help him blend in.

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