Academy Darius is the name of a skin that was made available on August 26, 2015. He collaborates with skins such as the following:


-Dunkmaster Darius
-Dreadnova Darius
-High Noon Darius
-Woad King Darius
-Lord Darius
-Bioforge Darius
-God-King Darius

Academy It is unclear how Darius was accepted into the academy despite the fact that he is not only a bully at school but also a real warrior. Despite this, the note from the dean indicates that Darius has already been dismissed from his academic pursuits. After all, he was a regular participant in fist fights, brought weapons into the classroom with him, and shoved other students into their lockers… It is clear from these words that he was not a typical student in any sense of the word. The lack of moderation that can be found in Academy’s character Additionally, Darius can be seen reflected in its garb. He carries an axe and two spiked steel shoulder pads on his person. Another feature of the picture is the fact that the handle of the ax is fashioned out of a bit. The champion is depicted as a reckless high school student who is passionate about fighting, and this is emphasized by both the costume and the hairstyle. On the splash art for Academy, we see Darius seated in a classroom with a number of other students attending Academy. As a demonstration of his strength, he snaps the pencils in his hand. On the artwork, you can also make out Vladimir, Ekko, and Ahri, all of whom appear to be preoccupied with their individual activities. In general, the splash art is very well done and contains a lot of interesting little details that are fun to look into.

Unfortunately, the developers could only update the Academy Darius model in their game. The animations, sounds, and particles all remain the same; however, it is possible that Riot will resolve this issue at some point in the future. In addition, it is important to point out that none of the Academy skins have been updated with the latest particles and VFX.

How to get Academy Darius in 2022?

This skin is the standard variant of the Academy Darius character. This suggests that you are free to make the purchase from the Shop whenever it happens to be the most convenient time for you to do so. This skin can be purchased for 750 RP, and if you are a fan of skins with an Academy theme or skins with a school theme, then you should definitely think about buying it.

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