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Academy Darius – skin released on August 26, 2015. He shares his line with skins such as:

-Dunkmaster Darius

-Dreadnova Darius

-High Noon Darius

-Woad King Darius

-Lord Darius

-Bioforge Darius

-God-King Darius

Academy Darius is not just a school bully, but a real warrior, and it is not clear how he got into the academy. Although, according to the dean’s note, Darius has already been removed from his studies. After all, he was a constant participant in fist fights, carried weapons with him to the classroom and stuffed other students into lockers … From these words it can be understood that he was not a simple student. The lack of moderation in the character of Academy Darius is also reflected in its costume. He wears two spiked steel shoulder pads and an ax. The ax handle is made of a bit, which is another detail in the image. The costume and hairstyle also emphasize the champion’s image – a reckless high school student who loves to fight.Academy’s splash art depicts Darius sitting in a classroom surrounded by other academy students. He breaks the pencils in his hand to show his strength. You can also see Vladimir, Ekko and Ahri on the art, and everyone is busy with their own business. Overall, splash art is beautifully executed and has a lot of details that are fun to explore.

Unfortunately, the developers limited themselves to the updated Academy Darius model. The animations, sounds and particles remain the same, but it is possible in the future Riot to fix this issue. It is also worth mentioning that none of the Academy skin has received updated particles and VFX.

How to get Academy Darius in 2021?

Academy Darius is a regular skin. This means that you can purchase it from the play store at any convenient time. The cost of the skin is 750 RP and if you are a fan of Academy skins or School Themed skins then this skin is definitely for you.

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