Academy Ekko – skin released on August 01, 2015. It shares line with skins such as:

-Trick or Treat Ekko

-Sandstorm Ekko

-True Damage Ekko

-Pulsefire Ekko


-SKT T1 Ekko

Academy Ekko is not a particularly diligent student, and numerous cases of bad behavior confirm this. The use of equipment in a chemical laboratory, changing temporary fabric for skiping classes and many other pranks, this tomboy allowed himself to. Therefore, it is not surprising that the dean suspended him from the class, although it is possible that Ekko, with his abilities, will still be able to attend them. The visual style of this champion is flamboyant, and shows him as rebellious and cocky. He wears not at all elegant attire, but simpler and more sloppy. This can be understood by the raised sleeves and the released shirt, and Academy Ekko also wears shorts. Apparently his style is to create all sorts of unusual and interesting things, and not follow fashion. Ekko uses a modernized rounder bat as a weapon. And it’s best for vandalism! The temporary device, in turn, simply lies in a brown gym bag. Splash art shows us all the Academy students. Darius, Ahri and Vladimir, each of them tries to show their individuality. In turn, Ekko just sits on the table while his holograms write something on the board.

Riot did a great job and created a cool model that fully captures the rebellious spirit of Academy Ekko. Unfortunately for now, particles and animations have remained unchanged. Of course it would be interesting to watch the new recall animation where Ekko would blow something up in the lab!

How to get Academy Ekko in 2022?

This is a regular skin. This means that you can purchase it from the play store at any convenient time. The cost of the skin is 750 RP and if you love the academy theme or School Themed skins then you should definitely buy it.

Academy Ekko, the fashionable yet rebellious academic who is too brilliant for this sluggish society, wears the greatest clothing and has access to all of the best gadgets. He might pass like a pampered brat who always gets what he wants, thanks to his smart apparel and technical support; he certainly has the resources to do so. In this aspect, the re-model does an excellent job of presenting the topic. The skin is easy and simple due to the lack of any additional functionality. Overall, it’s a well-executed redesign that effectively expresses its message. However, it would have been nice to have something else to flesh out the notion.

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