Arcade Ahri | Buy League of Legends Skin –

Arcade Ahri | Buy League of Legends Skin -

Arcade Ahri
Category: Regular skin
Price: 1350 RP
Animations: Improved Recall animations added.
Sounds: Upgraded SFX and improved VO

Introduction: The skin has more focus on animations and visual upgrades rather than performance updates in terms of skills and abilities. The upgrade is perfect for you if you are looking for a skin with costume upgrades and do not care much about the abilities and skills of character for the combat. The skin is pretty basic and yet delivers what promised with a whole new costume update, upgraded and re-designed smooth graphic animations along with the improved sound effects making the overall experience pleasurable for you. Arcade Ahri does not have any noticeable upgrade in terms of performance and that might make it a little less desirable. However, the costume graphics and recall animations are upgraded considerably.

Animations and Sounds: Animations and Sound effects are the primary focus of this skin and have been improved considerably. Whole new recall animation has been added along with dynamic movements and attacking animations making it a considerable upgrade if you are looking for a skin that looks good. Sounds have been upgraded as well and it gets pretty impressive and all-new Voice Overs with immersive SFX syncing perfectly with each movement of the character making the whole skin a perfect eye candy for you.

Pros: Arcade Ahri is designed primarily keeping the visuals in focus and a great job has been done in that part. It brings a re-designed costume along with awesome character movements and immersive audio effects making the overall experience eye-candy for you. You get the best visual experience with enhanced animations and immersive Voice Over with this skin. The costume upgrades can not easily be ignored and give you the best visual experience from your favorite character.

Cons: Since the skin is focused on graphics and audio enhancements primarily, you do not get any upgrades in terms of performance and abilities. You should only be considering this skin if you are looking for visual upgrades and are not after any abilities upgrade for your character.

How to Get Arcade Ahri in 2021?
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Arcade Ahri Arcade Ahri