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Arcade Miss Fortune Review

Hey there, fellow gamers! Today, we’re diving headfirst into the vibrant and pixelated world of Arcade Miss Fortune, one of League of Legends‘ most iconic skins. Released on August 12, 2014, and priced at 1350 RP, this epic skin promises a nostalgic trip down memory lane with its arcade-themed aesthetics. But is it worth adding to your collection in 2023? Let’s find out!


Miss Fortune, also known as Sarah among friends, is a legend in both the real and virtual worlds. Renowned for her top scores in every shoot-em-up game out there, in Arcade World, she’s infamous for taking down any target for the right amount of points. Talk about a gaming legend!

Concept and Inspiration

“Arcade” isn’t just a skin; it’s a whole universe in League of Legends where champions get digitized into an arcade setting. Picture a place called Arcadia, where competitive arcade gamers and heroic NPCs rule the roost. Here, it’s all about winning, even if you have to outplay those pesky Battle Bosses with their corrupted code. Victory might be hard-won, but the look on their faces? Priceless.

Design, Sound Effects, and Animations

Let’s start with the splash art. It’s a bit of a mixed bag. On one hand, it gives us a good look at Miss Fortune’s appearance, but the overuse of pink tones makes it feel a tad blurry and monotonous. However, the artistry behind her character design shines through.

As a tribute to 8-bit games, Arcade Miss Fortune nails it. From the iconic hat to the Game Boy and yellow stars that scream nostalgia, the Nintendo references are crystal clear. Her outfit stays true to her style while adding a casual and appealing twist. The recall animation pays a fantastic homage to light gun shooters. Even her death animation brings back familiar feelings.

Now, what really steals the show here is the particles and sounds. The pixelated effects burst with color and charm, though sometimes they could use a tad more brightness. But overall, this skin accomplishes its goal with flying colors. It’s like a blast from the past, and if you’re a fan of 8-bit games and Miss Fortune’s style, you’ll be in pixel paradise.

Unique Features

  • 8-Bit Aesthetic: Dive into the retro world of 8-bit gaming with Miss Fortune’s pixelated effects, Nintendo references, and classic arcade vibes.
  • Nostalgic Recall: The recall animation takes you back to the arcade era, where light gun shooters ruled the gaming scene.
  • Vibrant Particles: Colorful and attractive pixelated effects that perfectly complement the 8-bit theme.
  • Charming Outfit: Miss Fortune’s outfit stays true to her style while being both casual and appealing.

Obtainability in 2023

Now, let’s talk about how you can get your hands on this awesome skin in 2023. The good news is that it’s still available for purchase in the Riot store, priced at 1350 Riot Points. That means you can unlock this nostalgic gem and take it for a spin on the Summoner’s Rift.

But here’s a little secret for you, my fellow gamers. If you’re eager to skip the wait and instantly add Arcade Miss Fortune to your collection, you can also consider checking out Smurfmania. They might just have the perfect account with this skin waiting for you, offering a shortcut to owning this pixel paradise.

Gamers Feedback

Arcade Miss Fortune’s skin receives mixed feedback from members of LoL community. It excels in visual aesthetics and creativity, closely capturing the spirit of classic arcade games. However, the lack of unique auto-attack sound effects and the presence of an equally attractive legacy skin, Secret Agent Miss Fortune, leave players divided in their preferences.

“I love this skin.”

“Help Me!!! Arcade Sona or Arcade Miss Fortune?”

“no TV’s were harmed in the making of this video”

My Feedback

Alright, it’s time to get real. Arcade Miss Fortune is a visual delight, no doubt about it. It flawlessly captures the essence of classic arcade games, and that 8-bit aesthetic is pure nostalgia. The recall animation? It’s a personal favorite, taking me back to the arcade glory days, and I can’t help but smile every time I see it.

But, and there’s always a but, the absence of unique auto-attack sound effects is a missed opportunity. Imagine the sheer joy of hearing those iconic “pew-pew” sounds with every shot. It could have elevated the auditory experience to a whole new level.

In my honest opinion, if you’re a fan of imaginative aesthetics, if you love reliving the glory days of arcade gaming, and if you can overlook the sound aspect, then Arcade Miss Fortune is a must-have addition to your collection. It’s like having a piece of gaming history in your inventory, and that’s something truly special. I’d give it a solid 7/10.

Conclusion and Rating

In conclusion, Arcade Miss Fortune brings a vibrant and nostalgic arcade theme to the League of Legends universe. With its creative ability effects and animations, it successfully captures the essence of classic gaming. While it falls a bit short in the audio department, it remains an appealing choice for those who appreciate imaginative visuals and the arcade theme.

So, here’s the verdict: I’d give it a respectable score of 7/10. It’s not without its flaws, but it’s a must-have for fans of both Miss Fortune and retro gaming. Grab your light guns and get ready to pew-pew your way to victory in the charming pixelated world of Arcade Miss Fortune!


What is Arcade Miss Fortune skin and how much does it cost?

Arcade Miss Fortune is an epic skin in League of Legends that brings a nostalgic arcade theme to the game. It is priced at 1350 Riot Points.

What makes Arcade Miss Fortune unique compared to other skins?

This skin stands out with its 8-bit aesthetic, featuring pixelated effects, Nintendo references, and classic arcade vibes. It also includes a recall animation that pays homage to light gun shooters.

Where can I obtain Arcade Miss Fortune skin in 2023?

You can purchase Arcade Miss Fortune in the League of Legends store for 1350 Riot Points. Alternatively, you may find accounts with this skin available for purchase on platforms like Smurfmania.

What’s the feedback on Arcade Miss Fortune skin’s design and aesthetics?

Players appreciate the skin’s visual appeal, capturing the essence of classic arcade games. However, some wish it had unique auto-attack sound effects to enhance the auditory experience.

What is the overall rating for Arcade Miss Fortune skin?

In our review, Arcade Miss Fortune earns a solid 7/10 rating. It’s a great choice for fans of 8-bit games and Miss Fortune’s style, offering a charming trip down memory lane in the League of Legends universe.