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Bard Bard League of Legends Skin

Bard Bard skin released on November 17, 2016. He shares his line with skins such as:
-Snow Day Bard
-Elderwood Bard

In his hands, the musical art of the ancients became a deadly weapon that changes being. The Bard Bard skin is part of the Rift Quest theme and it is great to support as a bard. This is a very strange and funny skin, which has a twin in the face of the screaming dummy Draven Draven or Mundo Mundo, who constantly walks with a strange face and forever popped tongue. Although he is a good musician, you are unlikely to be captivated by his singing. He always has an incomprehensible bwong sound, which is actually very cute. On splash art, you can watch him play his incredible trumpet during the fight. Golden notes pour out from it, they materialize, and like a stream they hit opponents. A bright golden light fills the whole space, and art can be said to convey the spirit of his play. The bard bard skin comes dressed in a colorful fancy dress, but he is not really simple. Firstly, the costume consists of a red caftan, with blue stripes and gold buttons. A long-sleeved white collar, gives the image of his elegance. Secondly, on his head lies a beautiful green hat with a huge feather, which everyone will definitely remember. And of course the mask. Bard Bard is dressed in a gold masquerade mask, similar to the mask of one famous character. Incredibly, Mip is also wearing a small hat and mask. Probably, this mip is the cutest and most memorable of all!

This is sad, but Riot limited it to just a new beautiful model for Bard Bard and his Meeps. Animations of abilities, attack, recall and death remained the same. However, there is a slight change in the recall animation. As you know, during a recall, he pulls a sphere out of a pipe. She grows in size and Bard sits on top of her. So in this skin the sphere has become completely golden. Perhaps the developers wanted to convey the atmosphere of a masquerade – a bright and luxurious holiday for the nobility.

How to get a Bard Bard skin in 2020?

Bard Bard is a regular skin. This means that you can purchase it in the game store at any convenient time. Given all the advantages of the skin, the price of only 750 RP is a good offer. If you want to replenish the collection of Rift Quest skins or medieval skins, Bard Bard is suitable for you.
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