Battle Academia Katarina is a skin released in 2019 and shares its series with such skins:
-Battle Academia Jayce
-Battle Academia Ezreal
-Battle Academia Yuumi
-Battle Academia Graves
-Battle Academia Lux

You can describe the character of Battle Academia Katarina by saying that she has skin that is both beautiful and murderous at the same time. The designers did not stray too far from the subject matter and created a skin in the aesthetic of the Battle Academia series. Katarina, on the other hand, was given two graceful swords that have a very unusual appearance, as though they were taken from a science-fiction movie.

Creating animations for the skin took a lot of effort on the part of the developers. Katarina, for instance, can teleport to the target, which results in the creation of vibrant purple bursts. The ultimate animation consists of the creature rotating in place while producing a large and stunning whirlwind composed of pink and purple flowers.

The designers have put in a lot of effort to create simulations for the surface of the skin. For instance, Katarina is able to teleport to the objective while producing vibrant purple bursts. The current popular animation consists of it rotating in place and creating a huge beautiful whirlwind that is filled with pink and purple flowers.

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