Battle Boss Malzahar is a skin released in 2017 and shares its series with such skins:
-Battle Boss Blitzcrank
-Battle Boss Ziggs
-Battle boss Brand
-Final Boss Veigar

Battle Boss Malzahar – he was long forgotten, and the game cabinet with his game was covered with a thick layer of dust .. But he escaped from it in order to use force to seize the rest of the arcade machines! Thanks to this, Malzahar managed to invade the Arcade world. He used the howling army of viruses to sort out opponents and achieve dominance in this beautiful world. A supervillain from an old-fashioned video game – this is how you can describe this skin for Malzahar. His appearance matches his status, as he looks like a robot with a slightly weird and expressive design. The sheer number of polygons and multi-colored stripes create a certain aura. Thus, Malzahar is enclosed in a sphere which consists of purple geometric figures that are in constant motion. Pointed and as if crystalline elements on the head and shoulders complement the sensations from the skin.

The developers have noticeably changed the visual style for Battle Boss Malzahar. Also, the particles have been redesigned and an unusual effect can be observed while using Malefic Visions. Malzahar creates a black hole around the target and deals huge damage to the enemy. The skin also has a new base recall animation, creating a black hole underneath. In combination with pixel effects, Battle Boss Malzahar will have a unique difference from other skins in any, even the largest collection. When Call of the Void is activated, you can observe how two ships from polygons open a flurry of pixel fire at each other.

How to get Battle Boss Malzahar in 2022?

Battle Boss Malzahar is an epic skin. This means that you can purchase it in the game store at any convenient time. And also you can buy a lol account that already has this and many other excellent skins (many of which have long been unavailable in League of Legends) in our online store at a great price and with instant delivery!

Malzahar was not always known as The Void’s Prophet. This champion’s mythology is replete with accounts of him directly experiencing a wide range of human agony, as well as visions, and now he desires to speed Runeterra’s downfall, as well as to eliminate suffering. His journey has transformed him in numerous ways, all of which have been documented as skins, which we have selected for you. Riot do adore subjecting their mage champions to RPG rules, making skins that portray them as battle bosses of those games. Battle Boss Malzahar, on the other hand, is ideal for this. His talents already allow him to call minions, as all bosses worth their salt does.

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