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Battlecast Alpha Skarner

Rarity: Ultimate

Price: 1820 Riot Points

Release Date: November 25, 2014.

Concept: Skarner as a job, exactly as an assault tank

Model: A new model for Scarner and a new smoke for his exhaust pipes.

Particles: New particles for his abilities and automatic attack.

Animations: New animations for his abilities, automatic attack, emotions, capture, standing idle, Walk, recall and death

Sounds: New sounds for his abilities, auto attacks, recall and emotions. A new voice-overs and new quotes for the crystalline exoskeleton both pierce, resemble, death, and upon the purchase of certain items.

Is it possible to buy Battlecast Alpha Skarner in the game? Yes!

“An early prototype that would pave the way for military vehicles, Alfa Skarner has extreme fury not seen in later models. Perhaps the brain inside him wants to inflict as much pain as he experiences, or maybe he just likes to kill things. ”
The Battlecast Alpha Skarner robot is unlike any other Battlecast robot. His industrial, almost antique aesthetic isn’t as well-known as that of his peers. At the end of the day, Battlecast Alpha Skarner is a unique character. It has a unique, rustic feel about it, yet it lacks some of the qualities that make Skarner so appealing. This is a unique skin if you enjoy the notion of a skin with an experimental approach. However, because it isn’t the skin that best portrays the Crystal Vanguard, it should be reserved for die-hard aficionados.

How to get Battlecast Alpha Skarner in 2022?

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