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Blood Moon Akali – skin released in 2011. He shares his line with skins such as:
-Nurse Akali
-Silverfang Akali
-Sashimi Akali
-K/DA Akal
-Infernal Akali
True Damage Akali

Blood Moon Akali is isolated from the rest of the cultists, and his priestesses have disassociated themselves from all other activities in order to answer the call of long-dead demons. Akali, who lives in forests that are both cold and wild, devotes her time to meditation in order to experience the Blood Moon. She was one of the first people to accomplish this, to listen to the voice of immense obscurity, and to become one with it. Although this is a demonic skin, Akali is unable to be completely controlled by the Blood Moon and instead makes use of the power it provides. Following the completion of the update, her kimono became purple, and the ensemble now has a crimson appearance. You can also see the symbol of the Blood Moon on her porcelain mask. This is another element that contributes to the overall visual style and makes the skin appear more dangerous. In addition to that, she has a brand new blade and sickle. Her arm blades have a blue and purple color scheme, and they look really cool. Although they are still considered to be lethal weapons, Akali blades have stunning aesthetic designs. The blades are gilded, giving them a very colorful appearance despite their blue color.

It is important to point out that the creators of the game have made a variety of alterations to the animation. For instance, while Blood Moon Akali is remembering something, we can see a cloud of smoke enveloping her adversaries along with herself. Additionally, at this precise moment, bloody petals begin to fly all around, and the protagonist herself is highlighted in white. After donning her mask, she immediately teleports away. The updated particles have been given a brilliant blue glow and impart a certain air of mysticism to the skins.

Blood Moon Akali is a well-liked skin that was initially introduced in June 2011 and has, up until recent times, received a lot of negative feedback from players. Unhappiness in the community manifested itself in the form of a riot, which prompted leaders to take action, which ultimately led to the creation of the stunning Blood Moon Akali that we enjoy today. It’s one of the most extensive skin ranges we’ve seen so far thanks to the fact that over 15 Champions now have a ‘Blood Moon’ skin. Although Akali was the first, there have been many others since then, some of which you may remember, such as “Blood Moon Thresh” and “Blood Moon Diana.” Because of Akali’s skin, which is soft, delicate, and dangerously unpredictable, she has been transformed into a genuine kunoichi. As Akali thinks back on the event, she is surrounded by a dense cloud of smoke, and falling red leaves flit past her as she does so.

How to get Blood Moon Akali in 2022?

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