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Championship Shyvana is an incredibly rare League of Legends skin from the Championship category.

How to get Championship Shyvana?
The skin was released in October 2014, during the celebration of the 4th season of the League of Legends World Cup and at that time stood in the official Riot Games store 975 RP, so that many could buy this skin then, however, immediately after the Championship of the world, the skin was permanently removed from the store and subsequently became one of the rarest in League of Legends history.

Shyvana is depicted as a brutal warrior in blue armor decorated with precious stones and a beautiful headdress, this skin is also unique in that it became the first in the Championship category, which does not have a Roman numeral denoting the corresponding season of the World Cup.

As you may already know, every year during the Riot Games championship a new skin is released, which ultimately makes history, and collectors around the world are in a hurry to get it for themselves in addition to Championship Riven, Championship Riven 2016, Championship Thresh, Championship Kalista , Championship Zed and others

In the new look, Shyvana received a new blue military armor, as well as a new armor for her dragon form (it turns into a metal dragon when using the ability). Particles were also added new, now they are jets of blue flame. Riot Games did a great job adding new Recall animation (in it Shyvana stands on a blue platform, after which it immediately teleports to the base), new sound effects are added.
This skin was specifically made available in Korea only celebrating the 2014 championship and was made available to the players who were able to win a dedicated reward or title during the championship. Many players were simply not able to get their hands on this amazing skin and that is why it remains quite a popular option still to this date among these players they want to acquire this skin but sadly it is not up for purchase from the league of legends shop.

How to get Championship Shyvana in 2022?

It turned out that Championship Shyvana is no longer available in the League of Legends official store and will never be available, since Riot removed it from the game right after the 2014 World Cup, to which it was timed, however, if you really want to touch the story the greatest MOBA of all time, we invite you to our store, where you can Buy League of Legends Account, which in 2014 already received this skin.

After getting the answer of how to get the Championship Shyvana now you need to know about the features you will get after buying this skin. The best ability is the Flame breath which damages the enemy in the row and the dragon flame is the main ability it makes it furious for the heavy damage because it becomes a dragon and burns everything with the flame. Burnout and twin bite are the two other basic abilities. In Burnout it creates a circle of fire for almost 4 5 seconds to damage the enemy heavily. Twin bite attacks the Championship Shyvana by attacking dually. It is the preference of every player to buy the skin because it has the disastrous abilities which are needed to lead in the battle.

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