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Dawnbringer Riven is a legendary skin, still available in the official store!

The skin was released in June 2017 and is the exact opposite of Nightbringer Yasuo.

Her translucent cloak and a faint glow when moving makes this skin mystical and unusual.

The developers also changed the voice on this skin, adding an echo effect to the Riven conversation and decorated her weapons, now the sword lights up with a neon blue glow when moving, it looks magical!

Due to the ultimate ability (or rather the white and gold glow), this skin is easily confused with the Archligh series of skins, but nevertheless, experienced players will be able to distinguish and recognize Dawnbringer Riven (or not) in this skin.

She should not be taken as a guardian because she simply isn’t, she doesn’t have any kind of obligations or fidelity to any specific group or class within the league of legends franchise. She is considered as old as the boon of the cosmos itself, seeing her makes you feel and want to comprehend the incredible disorder in the galaxies and a fleeting sense of order through her as she makes her move carefully, sending bands of terror piercing through the heart of her enemies. She is a sworn enemy of the nightbringer and would stop at nothing until he is in the ground.

How to get Dawnbringer Riven in 2022?

Price in official store

– 1820 Riot Points which is quite good, considering the fact that this skin is in my opinion your modest author in the top 3 skins for Riven and will certainly complement your collection.

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The abilities of the character make it powerful and help us to get a winning position in the battle. The experience of the player also matters in the game which helps the player to win the race. There are certain abilities of the valor and the Ki burst makes the attack effective with the strong and heavy damage of the enemy. One of the best abilities of Dawnbringer Riven is the runic blade which is the main reason behind the success of the character on the battlefield. It is preferable to choose Dawnbringer Riven because he has two strong abilities to lead on the battlefield.

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