DJ Sona

The cost is 3,250 Riot Points.

The date of release is the 25th of February in 2015.

The idea of Sona working as a DJ!

Model: A brand new model for Sona that features animated textures for each individual shape. New animated models for her Etval, totaling three in total. In the chat, type / toggle switch, or press the corresponding key combination. Ctrl+F5 to switch between forms

New particles have been added to her abilities, aura, auto-attacks, critical hits, and death in all of its various forms. Fresh particles essential to its reorganization.

New animations have been added for DJ Sona’s abilities, including her automatic attack, critical hits, emotions, memories, passing away, being reborn, and the channel of the tower. New animations when the character is standing still or walking in any form. All of her transformations now have brand new animations.

Sounds: New sounds for her abilities, aura, auto-attack, emotions, memories, death, and rebirth, as well as a new chant voice-overs for each form. Sounds have been updated. Innovative noises for each of her incarnations. New background music for each form: the first time you use an aura, it will add a layer of music, and when you use Crescendo for the first time at each level, the music will progress to a different section of each track. Each track is broken up into four sections, and the transitions are spread out across all of the tracks.

Is it possible to acquire DJ Sona through the course of the game? Yes!

“The DJ skin is an absolute necessity for any heavy Sona player because it was the first skin to truly incorporate music and rhythms into its strengths and skills. You are going to have a lot of fun thanks to the fact that there are over 180 minutes of recorded music. You have the option of selecting kinetic, shaking, or ethereal textures and songs whenever you toggle between different forms using the toggle command.

How to get DJ Sona in 2022?

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