Elderwood Ahri – skin released in 2019. He shares his line with skins such as:
-K/DA Ahri
-Dynasty Ahri
-Foxfire Ahri
-Foxfire Ahri
-Popstar Ahri
-Arcade Ahri
-Star Guardian Ahri
-Challenger Ahri

There have been stories told for generations about Elderwood Ahri, a sly spirit of the forest, as a trickster who lives deep within the forest’s dense and impenetrable undergrowth. Ahri has always been shrouded in mystery thanks to the incredible tales that have been told about her from one generation to the next. She is portrayed in these tales as though she has never aged and retains her youthful beauty. Elderwood Ahri is a character that is appealing due to the fact that she is extremely curious and even sarcastic at times. As of late, she has been experiencing a modicum of irascibility toward everything, as a result of the nefarious plots that are being hatched in the Elderwood. This skin for Ahri is referred to as the “mysterious fairy” skin because of its appearance. The warrior with pale skin is one who is constantly on guard and ready for combat. Its striking visual style and peculiar effects will prevent you from becoming uninterested. Elderwood Ahri has a floral-scented pink outfit that is almost entirely made of flowers and wears it. The outfit has a pleasant aroma. It would appear that it is imbued with the very essence of the natural world. The tails of Elderwood Ahri are white, and they appear to be larger than the tails of the other line skins. It’s pretty neat to see the pink particles flying around them like little moths.
The capabilities particles have an incredible appearance and are crafted in the shape of lovely pink flowers. When they hit the target, their petals will fly apart, which is another thing that looks very pretty. A peculiar effect will manifest itself while the animation of the recall is playing out. A butterfly materializes in front of Ahri, flowers begin to grow on the ground, and it appears as though it has returned to its forest home. After making a number of hops, she finally manages to catch a butterfly and teleport.

How to get Elderwood Ahri in 2022?

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Every Ahri skin, with the exception of Coven Ahri, has a unique take on colors and themes that pop. Coven Ahri finds it more satisfying to extract the life force from “all she attracts close” in order to channel it toward her masters, the Old Gods. Ahri is an animated personality by design; however, she takes pleasure in sapping the vitality from “all she lures close” so that she can channel it toward serving her masters, the Old Gods. The artistic interpretation of Kai’Sa’s base model is very similar to the purple tones that were used in the skin of this creature. Although these kinds of cosmetics have been available to League of Legends players for some time, Ahri players will be the first to see their favorite champion in this guise. Additionally, the champion now has a fresh recall animation thanks to the addition of this skin. On his way back to base, Ahri stops at an arcade and plays one of the games there. The skin has a number of remarkable features, one of which is that its tails change color.

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